Classroom Furniture Stackable Plastic Kids Learning Chairs

Classroom Furniture Stackable Plastic Kids Learning Chairs

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Classroom Furniture Stackable Plastic Kids Learning Chairs 


Item no.:BB1032

Product size:27*30*42cm




  • FUN, EXCITING & EASY TO USE being light enough for kids to pick up and place down. These high quality chairs also have a convenient design that allows you to stack each one neatly on top of another for cleanup time. The animated colors makes these chairs a fun addition to the environment, brightening up any room! Children will be more excited to play or learn :)

  •  PREMIUM QUALITY & FADE RESISTANT made with 100% polypropylene plastic that will not crack, chip or peel. Besides being sturdy they are also fade-resistant! Vibrant color will remain the same shade with proper care.

  •  LONG LASTING BENEFITS providing knowledge, confidence and sitting habits that last a lifetime! These chairs establish proper sitting habits and are made to encourage children to sit up correctly. Lightweight construction allows children to maneuver the chair themselves making them feel more independent and confident! The basic primary colors helps aid early learning development.

  • DURABLE holding up to 160 pounds in weight! The high quality material used in this chair can bare the weight of an adult. You do not have to worry about any injuries or accidents. Not only is the chair itself durable but the color is made to stay the shade when you first bought it. All you have to do to keep it that way is wipe it down periodically with a damp cloth or cleaning wipe.

  •  GREAT INVESTMENT Bebone Stackable Kids Learning Chairs are easy to use as well as easy to clean. Sturdy materials and smart construction created the perfect chair. IDEAL FOR PLAYROOMS, SCHOOLS, DAYCARES and HOME.



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