Height Adjustable Metal Folding Step Stool

Height adjustable metal folding step stool

Product Details

Height adjustable metal folding step stool 


Item no.:BB1045C

Product Size: 48.5*36.8*7cm

Packing: 5pcs

Meas.: 43.5*42.2*53cm



1.Safety: this aluminum platform stool is made of tubular aluminum, with non-slip grip on the platform to increase friction and ensure that it does not slip when walking, and rubber feet on the four legs to stabilize the stool.

2.Rugged portability: while the aluminum platform is light and can support a weight of 304.8 kg, the dual-lock bracket folds easily.
Convenient storage and transportation, easy access to high trucks and lorries, RVS.
Family essentials: waterproof bench can be used in the home, garage, truck or truck.

3.Not only does it extend the distance to the first step of the RV, but it also provides good protection for children when they want to wash their hands on the kitchen sink or take out their favorite books from home

4.Adjustable height: platform step stool is different from other RV step, can press and hold the button on the leg to adjust the height, height can be adjusted to 18.5cm,19.8cm ,21cm and 22.5cm.
More convenient than other RV steps.
Most suitable for children, old people in and out of your RV, car, trailer, truck, SUV.

5.Excellent stability: first, the platform walking stool has a platform of 48.26cm x 35.56cm, providing extra stability away from the project;
Second, the RV bench is designed with grooves to help remove dirt from shoes and feet.

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