2019 China chengdu international plastics industry exhibition

- Jun 18, 2019-

The exhibition profiles

Exhibition name: 2019 China chengdu international plastics industry exhibition

Exhibition date: November 7-9, 2019

Venue: chengdu century city new international convention and exhibition center

Guidance unit: sichuan provincial department of economy and information technology, sichuan provincial department of science and technology

Organization: China blue chenguang chemical research and design institute co., LTD

Chengdu plastic industry exhibition in November 7 to 9, 2019, held in chengdu century city new international exhibition center, exhibition by the blue light in the chemical research and design institute co., LTD., in the blue light testing technology co., LTD., chengdu, chengdu tianyi exhibition service co., LTD and other units to host, and industry authority, hand in hand to create plastic industry pointed end business communication platform for the mission, show full industrial chain covering plastic industry, promote the rapid development of industry.


Based in chengdu radiation throughout the country

Plastic products are widely used, and the huge downstream industry provides strong support for the development of China's plastic products industry.

In recent years, China's plastic products industry has developed rapidly, and new materials and technologies, such as plastic modified materials, engineering plastics, plastic alloy and plastic composite materials, have been widely used in automobile, aircraft, high-speed rail, home appliances, electronic appliances, information, medical treatment, construction, agriculture and other fields.

Sichuan is a major economic province in western China with a complete range of industries and is one of the major technical and equipment bases in China.

At present, sichuan is facing a series of major development opportunities, such as deepening the development of the western region, planning and layout of the silk road economic belt, the Yangtze river economic belt, the chengdu-chongqing economic zone and the tianfu new area.

Chengdu, the provincial capital, is a natural meeting point connecting the "One Belt And One Road" inland with the "Yangtze river economic belt", as well as a "resting place" for the cooperation between the west and south countries and the west of China.

And chengdu has a good industrial foundation in related fields of plastics industry.

Qiangqiang hand in hand to create a plastic industry platform

Blue light in the chemical industry research and design institute co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of China national bluestar chemical group corporation enterprises, mainly engaged in organic silicon and special fluorine material, modified plastics and fertilizer, scientific research and production of special fiber, resin and its composites, engineering research and EPC, chemical equipment, and information service in the field of analysis and test, a number of products and technology in domestic is in the lead position, also has a high reputation in the world.

Standing of the main state institutions are: national organic silicon engineering technology research center, national stress structure engineering plastics engineering technology research center, national quality supervision and inspection center of synthetic resin, synthetic materials inspection laboratory, the national standardization technical committee plastic, international standards organization plastic standardization committee secretariat, the China association of fluorine and silicone material industry silicone branch, synthetic resin in China supply and marketing association plastic alloy and modified branch, industry core journals "plastics industry" and "organic silicon material.

Chengdu tianyi exhibition service co., ltd. is a professional exhibition and conference planning and organization services brand operator.

Since its establishment in 1999, under the care and support of relevant government departments, the company has cooperated with various industry associations, Chambers of commerce and institutes to hold nearly 20 exhibition activities in rong every year.

Contemporaneous important meeting

1. 2019 general meeting of plastic alloy and modification branch of China synthetic resin supply and marketing association.

China plastic modification and alloy industry technology seminar.

3. 2019 sichuan plastics industry innovation and development summit.

4. BBS theme of new materials and technologies in the plastics industry in western China.

A number of high-end technology BBS, exchange meetings, new product release conferences, high-tech demonstrations, one-on-one business talks and so on, for the industry insiders to build a new political, industrial, learning, research and use of cooperation and exchange platform, show the southwest top tip plastic industry event.

Create a comprehensive promotion event

(1) official guidance from government departments -- the sponsor, together with sichuan provincial department of economics and information technology, department of science and technology and other departments, fully invites industrial units and new materials research institutes from all over the country to create professional and high-level exhibitions.

(2) industry authorities cooperate with each other -- cooperate with more than 50 industry authorities in the fields of plastic processing, plastic machinery, plastic packaging, fluorossilicon organic materials, automobile industry, medical equipment, electronic information, architectural decoration, etc.

(3) professional audience gathered at the scene -- more than 20,000 professional visitors, many international visiting groups, industry associations and industrial parks, to escort the industry event.

(4) comprehensive cooperation of industry media resources -- 500+ industry network media, 100+ industry professional publications, 200+ blog BBS, 20+ mass media radio, all-round publicity and promotion to achieve great exposure of the industry.

(5) value-added services of new media platform -- the official website of the exhibition, WeChat official account, weibo, baidu SEM, DSP big data accurate release, etc., radiating accurate target population.

Core competitiveness brings together professional audiences in the industry

(1) the CallCenter team improved audience attendance

The team of 50+ professional CallCenter will conduct one-on-one invitation to professional buyers with over 500,000 precise databases accumulated over 20 years.

(2) core buyers to enhance the competitiveness of cooperation

2019 chengdu plastic exhibition new "VIP trade matching meeting", after learn the exhibitors exhibition products and promotion of demand, for purchasing requirements of auto and parts, medical equipment, electronic information, building decoration, household lamps and lanterns, cosmetic packaging, wire and cable for one to one user enterprises related to the invitation, the show with the corresponding exhibitors direct docking, efficient interaction.

(3) market promotion and promotion of exhibition penetration

Over 100+ members of the marketing team of chengdu plastic industry exhibition co., LTD. Have been promoting the plastic market, plastic industrial park, mold park, automobile base, auto parts city, mechanical and electrical city, food packaging park and other provinces, cities, districts and counties in sichuan, chongqing, yunyun and guizhou to strengthen and consolidate the industry penetration of chengdu plastic industry exhibition.

(4) cooperation between authorities to improve audience professionalism

Relying on the industry influence formed by "plastic industry" magazine in the past 50 years, the accumulated huge amount of professional user information, and the cooperation of related national research centers, laboratories, associations and special committees of China blue chenguang, we invite professional audiences in the industry to come and visit.

(5) comprehensively integrate resources to enhance industry participation

With relevant industry associations/chamber of commerce, market, industrial park, media in-depth cooperation, jointly hosted and participated in 2019 chengdu plastic exhibition group exhibition and tour, the BBS meetings in various cooperation unit and resource platform for exhibition for depth of coverage and related reports, and hand in hand at the scene of the exhibition organized academic exchanges, technology BBS, etc.

The exhibition content

1. Plastic processing machinery:

Injection molding machine, extrusion machine and production line, blow molding machine, plastic blow molding machines, plastic rolling forming machine, stretch film machine, pressure molding machine, rolling machine, foam molding machine, vacuum mould machine, plastic crusher, grinding machine of plastic, plastic mixer, plastic granulator, plastic thermoforming machine, plastic vacuum evaporation machine, plastic mechanical assembling machine, mixing machine, mixer, etc.

2. Intelligent automation equipment:

Intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent manipulator, 3D printing technology, industrial robot, intelligent information technology and software, instruments and test equipment, sensors, etc.

3. Rubber machinery:

Rubber machinery, tire machinery, extruder, calender, etc.

4. Auxiliary equipment:

Manipulator, loading and unloading equipment, feeding device, conveying system, hopper dryer, mould changing system, mould heating and cooling unit, other auxiliary equipment, etc.

5. Plastic packaging machinery:

Weaving machine, bag making machine, plastic packaging and printing machinery, label, printing, film technology, etc.

6. Molds and parts:

Extrusion exit mold, injection mold and accessories, new structure mold, hot runner system, hydraulic and pneumatic components, gear pump, special screw and barrel, frequency converter, etc.

7. Chemical industry and raw materials

Petrochemical chemical materials, general plastics, general resins, engineering plastics, rubber raw materials, composite materials, plastic filler masterbatch, modified masterbatch, additives, auxiliaries, colorants, masterbatch and other chemical materials involved in rubber and plastic.

8. Plastic products:

Plastic profiles, pipes, films;

Sponge city network management system;

Woven, artificial leather synthetic leather, geotechnical materials, cover materials, foam, medical, degradation, daily use products.

9. Recycling and regeneration technology:

Environmental protection recycling recycled materials, recycling recycling technology, recycling technology demonstration.

10. Others:

Testing equipment and technology for plastics industry.

The cost


Note: a. each standard booth is provided free of charge: one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, within 220V/5A load

A receptacle bearing the name of the unit.

B. Open space booth: no configuration is provided, and exhibitors shall be responsible for all costs of booth construction and layout.

Technical exchange meeting (each session is limited to 15 minutes and the theme is self-determined) : RMB 10,000 / session

Advertising for

The organizer will also collect publish a special issue on "plastics industry", produced with the catalogue of the exhibition, in addition to the exposition to attend professional user unit, the delegates and exhibitors, will also through the related cooperation unit members and sponsors professional network sending the personage inside course of study, welcome each AD relevant units.

AD in the journal (210 mm ×140 mm) :

Color inside page: 5000 yuan/edition cover: 30000 yuan back cover: 20000 yuan

Cover two, cover three, title page: 8000 yuan/version text introduction: 1000 yuan

Other advertising

Invitation: 20,000 yuan / 10,000 copies admission card (advertisement on the back of the tag) : 20,000 yuan / 10,000 copies

Peak BBS registration

Member unit: RMB 1600 / person;

Non-member unit: 2000 yuan/person;

Student price: 900/ person (student id required).

The above fees include the expenses for attending the opening dinner, materials, certificates, etc.

Ask for sponsorship

Co-sponsor to participate in this exhibition and BBS, will get various services and publicity, co-sponsor level: 50,000, 150,000, etc., the specific content please contact the organization unit.

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