2019 EPS/EPP market and application BBS

- May 31, 2019-

Sponsored by the easy trade, square garden jointly organized "the 15th 2019 EPS market and application of BBS" and in 2019, the eighth EPP market and application of BBS, held in hangzhou on July 17-18, there are two parts of EPS and EPP, aims to make EPS/EPP industry * influential platform for the cooperation and exchange, to explore new market needs, promote the transformation and upgrading, leading the industry forefront.


Characteristics of the meeting

EPS/EPP industry event

Lovers industry information sharing Tian party bigwigs gathered in developing proiect

Downstream frontier demand analysis

Focus on green packaging, new energy vehicles, material replacement

Technological innovation of high-end products

Key words: material substitution, cost reduction, high-end product development and application

The conference background

PS from "large scale" to "strong quality"

------ high added value EPS products + graphene new materials lead products

Focus on energy saving, low-carbon, safety and environmental protection products.

The environmental protection beer-grade EPS developed successfully is listed as provincial high-tech products.

High grade refractory type (SF) EPS is a product with high flammability * in China

[new energy vehicles] top priority -- lightweight + environmental protection/green

The rise of new energy automobile industry is the inevitable trend of the development of China's automobile industry.

Under the guidance of the "made in China 2025" policy, China's new energy vehicles show a trend of rapid growth.

New energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have an urgent need for lightweight, among which the body, interior and exterior decoration and engine are made of plastic instead of steel throughout the automotive industry. Battery weight reduction in electric vehicles is extremely urgent. Since 2017, EPP has been gradually applied to battery packs.

[new policy] < > release of scrap vehicle recycling management method, EPP has prominent advantages compared with polyurethane and other materials. When the opportunity comes, how to seize it?

In the field of transportation, China ranks the world * in terms of the development speed and construction scale of rail transit. Especially in recent years, under the policy of "One Belt And One Road", rail transit is also omnipresent in overseas markets. According to statistics, the length of high-speed railway will be increased by 2250 km by 2020, which will continuously expand business opportunities in the future.

The requirement of lightweight is approaching, "plastic instead of steel" is imminent.

What role will EPP play?

[packaging] the vigorous development of home appliances/electronics/cold chain industries demands: environmental protection/personalized/high-end/degradable/recycling

According to the estimation of China industry information network, by 2020, the market size of China's cold chain logistics industry will reach 500 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate will be more than 20%. With the annual expansion of fresh e-commerce market, nearly 300 million foam boxes and 1 billion ice packs of cold chain consumables will be produced annually.

Cold chain extrusion facilities are very demanding, our EPS/EPP/ sheet material and other packaging foam materials can shine their own feet?

Moreover, new retail, food delivery, fresh e-commerce and other diversified express consumption scenarios have brought new opportunities and challenges to packaging.

Conference schedule:

17 July:

14:00-17:00 conference sign-in & free exchange

Activity arrangement: check-in VS data collection + admission card + photo wall to take photos as a souvenir

On July 18

09:00-09:15 speech [mysterious guests please stay tuned]

Speech theme:

Key words: whole industry chain, technological innovation

Speech direction 1: domestic and foreign raw material PP special material: bead foam special material and HMSPP industry overview analysis and domestic * new research and development progress

Domestic PP special materials and HMSPP research and development status and

Market application development status and demand

The development prospect of foamed PP in the future

Speech direction 2: new development of EPP industrial chain and application field * new development

Price changes and trends of EPP are Shared with the current market situation

Analysis of current situation of EPP industry chain and production technical difficulties

Future development direction of EPP application field

Direction 3: forming equipment plays an important role in foaming products

Domestic automation/intelligent/data equipment status quo

How to better help the EPS/EPP industry to reduce costs and high-end products

Current situation and future trend of international foam molding equipment

Key words: innovation and change, high added value EPP/EPE/EPO/XPS/EPS

Direction 1: EPS in the field of packaging materials facing competition and * new research and development progress

New high density foamed packaging material

New situation of EPS for structural components in household appliances and electronics

How can EPS better cope with the industry shuffle and product competition in the future

Presentation 2: application status and future development of graphene EPS& graphene EPS

Analysis of new r&d and application status of graphite EPS*

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of graphite EPSPK graphene EPS and new development of graphene EPS*

New requirements for graphite & graphene EPS in the future market

Speaker 3: analysis of domestic and foreign building standards and new fire protection requirements of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development

Domestic and international standard analysis of building insulation materials and the impact of European zero energy standard on China

Ministry of housing and urban-rural development policy interpretation, focusing on fire rating standards and building insulation materials * new requirements

Application status of EPS insulation building materials and development of alternative materials

Speaker 4: new development of biodegradable and recycled EPS and overview of feedback industry

EPS industry in the face of environmental protection policy

Biodegradable EPS has become the main direction and important task of the industry

Future development of EPS recycling at home and abroad and research and development of new high value in domestic *

Topic 3: application ---EPP focuses on new energy vehicles and packaging

Speaking direction 1: the automotive field of light on the demand for foam materials

Application of EPP in automobile interior and exterior decoration

The application status of rear car seats and the research and development progress of front car seats in China

Future trend of EPP application in automotive field under the background of lightweight

Speaker 2: new demand for EPP from the new energy automobile industry chain

Development status and future trend of new energy vehicles

Electric vehicle core power PACK shell EPP usage status

The application of plastic in electric vehicle lightweight and the trend judgment of plastic

Presentation direction 3: current situation and future development of packaging for home appliances and electronic products

Analysis of the recent development of electronics industry and packaging in Asia

External packaging of electronic products and household appliances with EPS/EPP status analysis

Application and future trend of EPS/EPP in structural parts

Direction 4: packaging -- current situation and trend requirements of cold chain packaging

Will household appliance packaging continue to consider the cost of EPS?

Cold chain industry development status and future packaging requirements

The application of EPS/EPP/EPO in the field of household appliances and cold chain is the mutual substitution and future development trend

Direction 5: market application and development prospect of microcellular foamed board/sheet

Advantages of molding process foam and its application in automobile, toys and packaging cases

It can realize the prospect of alternative application fields and high value-added products

The future development trend of microcellular foamed boards

Heavily recommend guest interviews

1. With the rapid development of "high-speed railway" in China, "plastic instead of steel" has become the main theme against the background of lightweight and low VOC requirements. How to play the important role of EPP in the future?

2. Lightweight process and EPP application status of heavy-duty vehicle cabin seat

3. Is the toy industry really "a flash in the pan" or "poised for growth"?

4. More topics ---- looking forward to the scene of a hundred schools of thought...

Factory visit: hangzhou fangyuan plastic machinery co., LTD

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