2019 international new energy and intelligent network alliance automobile innovation summit

- May 20, 2019-

2019 international new energy and intelligent network alliance automobile innovation summit

Theme: the 13th session (2019) international new energy vehicle lightweight technology

And new materials, intelligent technology applications (Shanghai) exhibition and IALTA China annual conference

When: October 30, 2019 -- November 1, 2019

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center (longyang road, pudong, Shanghai)


Exhibition introduction:

New energy vehicles have been listed as an emerging strategic development priority in China's "national 13th five-year plan for industrial development".

By 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will reach 2 million, and the cumulative production and sales volume will exceed 5 million.

The lightweight and intelligent manufacturing technology of new energy vehicles has become the development strategy of the national manufacturing industry in "made in China 2025" and "the 13th five-year development plan of intelligent manufacturing".

The application of lightweight materials for automobiles is expected to achieve the goals of reducing vehicle weight by 15% in 2020, 20% in 2025 and 35% in 2030.

New energy vehicle lightweight key components technology applications need to break through.

China's new energy vehicles in the intelligent, lightweight, electric technology brings new changes, but also will accelerate the development of new energy vehicles key technology and green product line and intelligent equipment technology application innovation;

China's huge market demand for new energy vehicles has created huge business opportunities for the global auto industry.

Global auto companies accelerate the development and application of key technologies in new energy vehicles;

Implement the application of advanced lightweight components to achieve vehicle weight reduction;

Improve the endurance of electric vehicles;

Will be the global new energy vehicle research and development strategy development inevitable trend;

Lightweight materials industry has also been listed as China's "national 13th five-year plan for new materials" strategic development focus;

According to experts' estimates, the market size of light weight materials for automobiles in China will reach 500 billion yuan in the next three years, including more than 35 billion yuan in the field of new energy vehicles alone.

With the strong growth of China's new energy vehicle industry, the application and development of lightweight materials in the structural parts of new energy vehicles will usher in a broader market development prospect, and the major lightweight materials enterprises have also ushered in historic development opportunities.

The 13th (2019) international new energy vehicle lightweight technology and new materials, intelligent technology application (Shanghai) exhibition and IALTA China annual conference will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from October 30 to November 1.

The exhibition area is expected to reach 30,000 square meters, and the number of professional visitors is expected to reach 80,000.

During the exhibition, held the international automotive lightweighting alliance for a green technology (China) annual meeting and the 13th (2019) international automotive lightweight technology and materials application of science and technology innovation summit, 2019 international new energy and intelligence summit made cars, new energy automobile supply chain assembly and the transnational mining for symposium and new energy vehicles inside and outside decoration IALTA branch joint conference system;

Central new energy automotive technology and carbon fiber composite application assembly, power battery technology BBS, BBS the hydrogen fuel cell car industry development in China and series of BBS, and organize new energy - the electric car of 2019 year China green technology innovation award selection the selection activities, this will bring the new energy automotive lightweight technology and intelligent manufacturing companies provide abundant trade platform.

2019 China new energy - electric vehicle green technology innovation award selection activities

1. Purpose of the selection:

The IALTA (China) new energy -- electric vehicle green technology innovation award selection activity will help China's new energy -- electric vehicle lightweight technology to make outstanding contributions to the enterprise r & d personnel and leading figures, aimed at promoting China's own brand new energy vehicle -- electric vehicle key technology development and innovative technology application.

2. Award setting:

Top ten innovation awards of charging piles in China

China top ten environmental protection science and technology products contribution award

China top ten new energy vehicle three power innovation award

China top ten new energy vehicle technology innovation award

China top ten new energy vehicle energy-saving innovation award

China top ten new energy vehicle lightweight technology innovation award

3. Selection activities:

1. It is recommended to apply for starting the registration of election: from January to July, 2019

2. The jury will organize the judges to review the shortlist of nominees, (August 30, 2019)

3. On September 1, 2019, the first batch of finalist list will be published, OEM voting will be held, and the list of winners will be reviewed by the jury.

Highlights: full range of professional product line support, effective linkage between exhibition and conference, realizing seamless connection among exhibitors;

To create a one-stop innovative service platform for new energy vehicle product line

Nearly a hundred professional purchasing groups gathered at home and abroad:

We plan to invite nearly one hundred professional purchasing groups at home and abroad to coordinate the procurement of product lines.

Invited from Beijing new energy cars, guangzhou new energy cars, wei to cars, future automobile, faw, Toyota, Honda, chang 'an, BMW, mercedes-benz, audi, Volvo, byd auto, geely auto, dongfeng, saic, Volkswagen, general motors, ford motor, byd, tesla, beans, singularity, xiao peng car, horse, open car, love, chi, cloud, new energy, RGL automotive spare parts, chery new energy automobile, brilliance auto, jianghuai automobile, zhongtai automobile, faurecia, valeo, magna, hualand car system, delay, huaxiang parts of automotive trim system,

Great Wall motors, jaguar land rover car, concept car, Bosch, Mr Fu, continental, Lear, aisin seiki, Ann said Rio tinto, modern, and denso, susquehanna sichuan auto parts, rich the auto parts, ningde era, citic wear card, new energy automobile association in central Europe, LALTA, European automotive supply chain association, the German automotive industry association, north American automotive engineers association, the international society of automotive engineers, Korea electric vehicle association, China association of automobile manufacturers and automobile in China and the asia-pacific region professional institutions group purchasing docking.

Featured theme exhibition area:

1. Exhibition area of new energy and intelligent network vehicles

Intelligent network vehicle, pure electric vehicle (BEV);

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) and plug-in electric vehicles (REEV)

2. Exhibition area of lightweight technology and new materials & intelligent equipment

Lightweight manufacturing technology of vehicle body and parts, lightweight manufacturing technology of vehicle body and interior and exterior decoration system, new materials and intelligent equipment, four major processes and component design, carbon fiber and advanced composite materials, engineering plastics, ultra-strong steel, aluminum magnesium alloy;

Interior and exterior decoration design and development and intelligent processing technology, assembly engineering, quality control, testing, mold design and development and manufacturing, hot runner system technology, laser flexible processing technology, simulation technology, 3D printing technology, lightweight overall solution.

3. Unmanned driving and intelligent network technology exhibition area

Display intelligent equipment, robot system integration, intelligent production line, network connection technology, unmanned driving technology, intelligent sensor, intelligent technology and technology, intelligent transportation;

Thermal management system, connectors and high voltage wiring harness technology, future travel scene high-tech product experience

4. Exhibition area for core components of electric motor control and power battery

Driving motor: dc motor, ac asynchronous motor, permanent magnet motor, switched reluctance motor, material and assembly engineering, etc.

Electronic control system: control and drive system, battery management system, controller, power electronic device, IGBT power module, inverter, power supply module, central control module, signal detection module, soft start module, protection module, heat dissipation system, test and monitoring protective instrument, etc.

Power battery system: power battery and group technology, system integration, battery management system, anode and cathode materials, lithium-ion battery diaphragm technology, power battery PACK assembly process, air tightness detection process, software brush process, electrical performance testing process;

Intelligent manufacturing technology, materials and equipment for lithium ion batteries.

Industrial robots, automation technology and intelligent assembly exhibition

Industrial robot, motion control and robot, production automation production line, logistics automation system, industrial software, sensors and control, electrical drive system, 3C automation equipment, machine vision core components, big data, cloud computing technology and equipment.

6. Charging pile equipment technology exhibition

Intelligent charging and changing technology and charging facilities, distribution equipment, inverters, transformers, charging cabinets, distribution cabinets, capacitors, etc

7. Thematic exhibition of innovative scientific and technological achievements

A thematic display of major scientific and technological innovation achievements on the 10th anniversary of the development of China's new energy automobile industry


International alliance for automotive lightweight green technology

China Europe new energy intelligent automobile industry association

Official WeChat, China Europe automotive materials committee


Exhibition organizer:

The ministry of industry and information technology of China

China machinery industry federation

European automobile suppliers association

Exhibition (domestic) contact: miss Lin

TEL: +86-021-34241885 email: Yolanda@secma.org.cn

Exhibition (foreign) contact: celine. Hu

TEL: +86-021-34241826 email: celine.hu@secma.org.cn

Website: www.jearsh.com