2019 shenzhen international metal packaging and canning industry expo

- Jul 30, 2019-

Date: November 4-6, 2019 venue: shenzhen convention and exhibition center

Invitation unit: China metal packaging association, guangdong metal packaging technology association

Sponsor: guangdong food circulation association shenzhen organic products industry association

Organizer: shenzhen liteng exhibition communication co., LTD. Shanghai chang wen exhibition service co., LTD

2010 exhibition preface

2019 shenzhen international metal packaging and canning technology expo is a window to know * technologies and products of domestic and foreign metal packaging and canning industries;

It is an opportunity for enterprises to show themselves, establish their image and improve their brand.

Technology, equipment, materials and services that reduce costs and increase productivity in the metal packaging and canning industry;

It is a platform for exchange, negotiation, trading and cooperation between exhibitors and buyers.

We are willing to work together with you to make greater contributions to the development and technological progress of China's metal packaging and canning industry and open the door of opportunities together.

This conference will be invited from the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China regions such as the metal packaging container industry giant display of new products, new technologies, new equipment, so as to help the industry top comprehensive understanding of the global trend of metal packaging container *.

Organizer with years of rich experience in exhibition will develop a strong organization propaganda work, will be invited from all over the world food, beverage, beer, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, deep processing of fruits and vegetables, water (sea) products deep processing, fermentation and application units and related import and export traders, agents, distributors and other industry professionals to visit the exhibition site visits, procurement, negotiation.

Area of exhibition:

Metal packaging and canning production equipment: products, lid making, recycling, canning and metal drum sealing cover production equipment.

Ii. Metal packaging containers and accessories: single cans, two cans, three cans, milk powder cans, food cans, aerosol cans, crown covers, unscrew-open covers, easy to pull covers, miscellaneous cans, chemical cans, steel drums, etc.

Iii. Supporting equipment for metal packaging and canning industry: various metal bottle caps, ink, coating and auxiliary materials, metal canning processing equipment, welding machine, printing machine, coating machine, drying room and supporting equipment, coding machine, metal surface treatment, coating, printing and testing equipment for metal packaging containers, etc.

Iv. New materials and supporting services: tinplate, new materials, raw materials, coatings, ink, consumables, transportation, storage equipment, safety monitoring equipment and other supporting services.

Charge for booth:


Please contact the organizer timely for information of * exhibition.

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