3D printing could one day help people with dysphagia

- Jun 19, 2019-

Walking into the science food art exhibition at foshan science museum, 3d-printed pancakes attracted a large group of children.It turns out that the kids are drawing on the spot, and 3D printing will instantly print pancakes of their own design.The drawings are identified by computer software and converted into digital files. The 3D printer then creates personalized pancakes based on readings and instructions from the microcomputer.

The reporter understands, what microcomputer can identify at present is the outline line of hand drawing, the color that fills in to outline line still cannot identify.Staff told reporters: "raw materials to use milk, the ratio of the two very strict requirements.Because 3D printing requires the consistency of these materials."

You want a chocolate castle?You want to eat a chocolate ultraman?It's entirely possible.Journalists have seen that some 3D printers in this exhibition can produce "chocolate castles" with delicate shapes, the size of eggs, allowing you to release your imagination of chocolate food.The 3D printing technology could be used to create molds for baking desserts, staff told the paper.It is based on a digital model file and USES adhesive materials, such as powdery metal or plastic, to construct the mold layer by layer.With molds, baked desserts can be mass-produced.

The science food art exhibition is full of experience.From 3d-printed macarons to "chocolate castles" to laser-cut patterns on muffins, viewers can watch or try it out for themselves.On the spot, the reporter also saw a bicycle that can press juice.Quite a few women have enjoyed the ride and are able to enjoy their own fruit juice immediately after the ride.An experiencer told the reporter, while riding a bicycle sweat, while watching the juice in front of more and more happy exercise.

Not only are 3D printed foods on display, but there are also a variety of delicious dishes that combine laser cutting and liquid nitrogen technology.The freezing point of liquid nitrogen is -196 ℃, which can produce instant freezing effect on food.Visitors can enjoy free liquid nitrogen ice cream.The audio-visual sensation accompanied by cold "smoke" and sizzle fills the mouth with "crackling sensation", which makes children feel the fresh and interesting ice cream.Due to the outstanding freezing effect of liquid nitrogen, the staff specially reminded the audience to wait 10 seconds before tasting, or they might be frozen.

Chocolate 3D printers have been successfully used in homes overseas and will be launched in the domestic market this summer, the device's manufacturer told reporters at the exhibition.At present, what is hot in the domestic market is 3D printers that can make desserts.In the future, 3D printing could help people who have difficulty swallowing or other diseases that prevent them from chewing properly.

3D printing can crush, mix or concentrate various food ingredients into a slurry, make a foam and then remodel it, according to the company.This will allow a variety of foods to "melt in your mouth", which will not only be convenient for people who have difficulty swallowing, but also allow people to enjoy a big meal while better absorbing nutrients.