A boat that eats plastic! Plans to boost the economy of new plastics

- Jul 23, 2019-

, according to foreign media reports, a plastic Odyssey of the French team (FrenchPlasticOdysseyproject) is building the world's first plastic power the boat.

Founder SimonBernard plans to sail to South America, Africa and Asia from 2020 on a voyage to promote plastic recycling and low-techtechnologies around the world.

Plastic orsay: a boat that eats plastic

The word "Odyssey" comes from the name of a hero in Homer's epic poem that Simon read, and was used by Simon to name the ship he designed.

Designed to be 25 metres long, the Odyssey is an ocean catamaran powered by two electric motors that run on plastic fuel.

The plastic-eating ship is a process by which unrecyclable plastic waste is pyrolyzed to produce fuel for the voyage.

So what is pyrolysis technology?

In fact, pyrolysis technology is the decomposition of plastic into liquid fuel by heating it to more than 400℃ without oxygen.

It's one of the technologies Bernard hopes will be used to solve the growing problem of plastic waste.

The ship is equipped with plastic pyrolysis device, garbage sorting sensor, multi-product extruder and other low-cost and efficient garbage sorting and treatment equipment.

The Odyssey is capable of collecting, sorting and recycling plastic waste at every stage of its journey, relying on a wide range of advanced waste sorting and disposal equipment.

Each kilogram of plastic can be converted into as much as one liter of fuel.

The fuel is stored in a 20-foot container on the deck of the orsay.

The ship's stern will be a recycling plant containing an onboard pyrolysis unit capable of producing up to 40 litres of fuel per hour.

The ship will not collect plastic for fuel during its voyage, as only about 1 percent of the ocean's plastic waste floats in or near the surface.

Instead it will collect plastic during port calls.

The front of the ship will be dedicated to waste reduction and will showcase recycling technologies and alternatives to disposable packaging.

A world tour to promote the new plastic economy

According to SimonBernard's plan, the real Odyssey will be completed in 2020 and will travel 40,000 nautical miles over three years from the southern French city of marseille, passing through 33 major stops, including shantou and putian in China, which will arrive in 2022, before returning to marseille.

The 12-20 crew members will include professional sailors, systems engineers, filmmakers, scientists and media personnel.

The goal is to spur the development of a new plastic economy by encouraging local plastic recycling centers, spreading knowledge of the hazards and protection of plastic pollution in the ocean, and showing local residents advanced waste disposal equipment on board that is low-cost and easy to manufacture.