A hole in the middle of the plastic stool

- Feb 25, 2019-

Finally find out why there is a hole in the middle of the plastic stool... 

We often have a lot of imagination in our lives

I don't know if you noticed a detail

Whatever the shape

Plastic stools will be opened in the middle of a small hole

Do you know why

1.Convenient for storage and transportation

If you don't make a hole

An enclosed space will be formed between the upper and lower stools

The air pressure makes it difficult to pull the stool apart

It's also hard to stack stools tightly

2.The advantages of round holes

Holes with sharp corners are liable to crack under stress

And the circular hole is easy to make mold

In addition, the pore size will affect the strength of the structure

Holes too small and not conducive to finger hook

Once you know how it works

Let's take a look at some weird answers from different people

Literary youth

It is easy to open the hole like this

Molds are also cheap and save material

Ordinary youth

The stools are stacked up

Take the string through the hole and take it away easily