A patent sold 520 million yuan professor team divided 400 million!The reasons are encouraging

- May 29, 2019-

A patent sold 520 million yuan, the research team split 400 million yuan, and broke the foreign patent monopoly.

What's even more surprising is that the original research team consisted only of the professor and his son.The professor is bi yusui, who works at shandong university of technology.

A patent sells for 520 million yuan

The professor's team divided four hundred million

In 2017, shandong university of technology set a record for patent transfer among Chinese universities.They signed an exclusive license agreement with butian new material technology co., LTD., which was worth 520 million yuan, and bi yusui's team received 400 million yuan.

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Why 400 million?

"It's not that the school gave professor bi 400 million yuan, but that professor bi helped the school earn 100 million yuan."Lu chuanyi, party secretary of shandong university of science and technology, said that the school's reward for professor bi is not a special consideration. As one of the three universities in shandong province that have carried out pilot reforms of their scientific research system, the policy allows 80 percent of the profits from the transformation of achievements to be given to the research team.

Not only does the school benefit, but a policy also benefits professor bi.

According to the income tax of wages and salaries, the patent transfer fee of 400 million yuan should pay more than 140 million yuan.By 2018, the state will make clear that the cash rewards given to scientific and technological personnel from the income derived from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements can be reduced by 50 percent to pay individual income tax in accordance with the law.

"This policy has saved me more than 70 million yuan in taxes.""Said bi.

Why can the professor divide 400 million?

The patent that sold for a lot of money is called chlorofluorine-free polyurethane, a new chemical foaming agent.

It's easy to say, but synthesizing chlorine-free and fluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agents was a dream for the international community before bi yusui.

Foaming agent is an important raw material for polyurethane foam production.Polyurethane foam materials can be seen everywhere in daily life, soft foam can be applied to mattresses, sofas, etc., hard foam can be applied to refrigerators, building wall insulation, plate, pipe insulation and other industries.

To produce these products, they must use foaming agents. European and American countries have developed four generations of polyurethane foaming agents, but they all contain fluorine and chlorine, and they have monopolized the global market.

Bi yusui thinks he can challenge chemical foaming agents.

What he didn't expect was that starting from scratch would be so hard.

"Without research foundation, I can't write the project book. I can't apply for scientific research funding.Bi yusui said that, in addition to the fact that there is no ready-made basic theory, just thinking about the theory took five years.In 2008, bi yusui finally had a complete idea.He began experimenting with his son.

In 2011, they finally synthesized the polyurethane chemical foaming agent needed for the reaction.The new substance does not contain chlorine or fluorine and will not damage the ozone layer.

The Chinese may have developed a chemical foaming agent that doesn't contain chlorine or fluorine!At the beginning of 2012, when the test was just making progress, several international chemical giants came to us, asking for visits, tests and cooperation.

"I would love to know if this chemical foaming agent works."Bi yusui agreed to a chemical giant, with samples should be invited to east China university of science and technology testing.

"During the test, not a single drop of our sample was leaked for fear of being leaked."Bi yusui recalled.The test results were satisfactory and bi yu sui succeeded after more than ten years of efforts.

Fire prevention and theft prevention of leaks

All those weird things that happened before the patent was filed

The success of the foaming agent was a happy thing, but bi yu then found that his results were targeted.

At that time, foreign companies offered to cooperate with bi yusui, but he refused.I thought it was over, but during National Day in 2013, something unexpected happened.


"I went to work and my office was broken into."Bi yusui recalled that 18 computer hard disks were stolen from the lab.

Fortunately, bi yusui never put any relevant materials in the laboratory to prevent the technology from being stolen.

Bi yu thought, blowing agent patent protection must hurry up.But he was afraid to submit it for fear of leaks.Until 2016, when shandong university of technology learned about the situation, it wrote a proposal report on "promoting the industrialization of chlorofluorine-free polyurethane foaming materials" and submitted it directly to the state council.

On February 17, 2016, state council leaders made instructions on the proposed report.Later, the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of environmental protection, China petroleum and chemical federation, polyurethane industry association and other joint expert groups, the national development and reform commission, China petroleum and chemical federation, the state intellectual property office and other research progress of the project.

Finally, under the guidance of the state intellectual property office, the world's only chemical foaming agent technology submitted four Chinese patent applications and one PCT international patent application.In 2017, the patent layout of "new chlorofluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agent" was completed, and the scientific research achievements were protected to the maximum extent.

Now, many foreign companies want to cooperate with bi yusui."That's the benefit of having the core patent in their own hands. If they want to use this technology, they have to go to China."