A tear hand in hand with the release of environmental protection PE bag, can reduce the amount of plastic 30%

- Apr 12, 2019-

Recently, the strategic cooperation media conference with the theme of "green regeneration" was successfully held in Beijing.

This time, Nbag, a new product released jointly with baishi group, will accelerate the express packaging industry to the track of healthy development of environmental protection and reduction, accelerate the pace of industry research and development innovation, use of environmental protection packaging, and advocate to provide users with green, healthy and pollution-free express service experience.

Nbag USES plant-derived starch instead of oil-derived plastic. Each plastic bag will reduce the use of plastic by 30%, and the overall cost can be the same as ordinary PE express bags.

According to the "China plastic flexible packaging industry market depth survey and investment strategy consulting report in 2019-2025" issued by wisdom research consulting, according to the calculation of 18g per express bag, if the plastic flexible packaging application industry USES Nbag, it is estimated that the annual plastic reduction of 5.8 million tons.

In recent years, the express industry has been concerned about the pollution caused by packaging.

"Express delivery" and "green development" have been among the topics of concern at this year's two sessions.

According to the data of the national bureau of statistics, the scale of China's express delivery business has ranked first in the world * for four consecutive years. With the rapid expansion of the industry scale, the environmental protection and reduction of express delivery packaging have become urgent social problems to be solved.

The person in charge of baishi group says: "baishi always pays attention to environmental protection design, the environmental protection PE bag that this and one tear get to release promotion jointly is passed to adjust innovation formula repeatedly, reducing plastic in assuring environmental protection while effectively reduced raw material cost.

Current, environmental protection PE bag Nbag already began to be carried out inside the net gradually.

A tear founder xing kai speech mentioned that others held a press conference for a tall on the product, but we work with the hundred for the unit price of 2 cents PE bag and open.

It's about logistics, transportation and the shopping experience.

At present, many express bags on the market are black bags, which are made of recycled plastic. This material is buried in the soil, which will take hundreds of years to degrade. It will cause irreversible impact on the environment.

"We launched the zipper carton and starch based environmental protection plastic bags Nbag, is just a starting point, the future will continue to promote the exploration and development of environmentally friendly packaging today our technology can achieve 30% in * plastic to replace starch, and our goal is to continuously replace the proportion of starch, until one day, Nbag can be renamed" bag ".

The cooperation with baishi aims at enabling environmental protection with packaging, demonstrating our determination to create a new green chapter of express delivery and our deep respect for nature.

XingKai said.