Apple also patented flexible screens like a piece of plastic

- Mar 21, 2019-

In fact, in addition to samsung, for apple, flexible screen smartphone is also a future trend.

The tech giant is working on a mobile device with a highly flexible display, according to a recent patent filed by apple.On Thursday, the U.S. patent and trademark office approved apple's patent for a "flexible input/output electronic device," which shows a mobile device with a flexible LCD or OLED display.

The idea, according to apple insiders, is to include a flexible input-output integrated display with sensors and haptic feedback that looks like an elastic substrate.Simply put, it's like a sheet of plastic that can be bent at will.At the same time, apple wants to build in light-emitting components, including leds, micro-leds, oleds, and conductive wires from input and output devices in the form of a grid, and bring more flexibility.

To achieve true bendable effect, the apple needs to completely or as little as possible to increase the polymer matrix layer, while retaining only the necessary structure and basic conductive cells.In addition, components such as touch sensors, force sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, and vibrators can provide tactile feedback.At the same time, the retractable display can be added to any screen and reduce the display of the device body.Therefore, in the future, this flexible screen will not only have flexible characteristics, but also can be extended to use.

As for the advantages of flexible screen devices, such as clamshell smartphones, which were popular years ago, they can be revitalized and folded directly in the form of full-size touch screens.There is also the possibility of smartphones that can be wrapped directly around our wrists.Of course, it's not clear that apple will turn the patent into a real product, but at least it gives us some food for thought.Regardless of whether it will become a reality, the future of flexible screens * is an inevitable trend.