Application of photosensitive resin 3D printer in handplate model making field

- Jul 17, 2019-

Photosensitive resin 3D printer refers to SLA industrial 3D printer with liquid resin as the processing material, also known as photo-curing 3D printer.It has strong modeling ability and can produce products of any geometric shape, which is widely used in the field of handplate model making.

Handplate model production has gone through three stages: manual production, CNC engraving and now 3D printing, and the efficiency has been greatly improved.Due to the high requirements on size and accuracy of hand plate model, the most suitable 3D printing technology is SLA stereo lithography technology.

SLA3D printers have their limitations. They can only print certain materials -- photosensitive resins, which have properties similar to ABS plastic.Therefore, photosensitive resin 3D printer is mainly used to make plastic handplate model, not suitable for metal handplate model.


1. Appearance hand board model

The appearance handplate is mainly used to check the appearance and size, and it has low requirements on other properties of materials. The photosensitive resin 3D printer can print the appearance handplate model of any shape with high resolution. The more difficult the product is, the higher the efficiency and the lower the cost of 3D printing.Today, most exterior handboards are made by 3D printers.

2. Structural handplate model

The structural handplate has certain requirements on the strength of materials. Photosensitive resin 3D printer can meet the requirements for the production of some structural handplates. For those with particularly high strength requirements, it can be produced by the compound molding process or SLS nylon 3D printer.

3. Small batch customization

For the small batch customization needs of some users, if the use is only for ordinary indoor decoration, it can be produced by photosensitive resin 3D printer; if the requirements are specific plastic materials, or high requirements such as temperature and strength, it must be produced by silicone compound mold and low-pressure perfusion process.

4. Soft rubber hand plate model

Photosensitive resin can be divided into soft and hard materials. Most of the time, hand board models use hard materials, and a few hand board models use soft elastic materials.This is where the soft material photosensitive resin 3D printer comes in. It is usually used to make silica-like hand plates.

Shenzhen jinshi 3D printer is a professional manufacturer of photosensitive resin 3D printers. They also develop 3D printing resin. The flexible photosensitive resin they develop has excellent toughness, abrasion resistance and elasticity, which is widely used in the shoe mold industry and used to produce wearable 3D printing shoes.

5. Transparent hand board model

In the past, models of transparent hand panels were usually made from carved acrylic materials on CNC machine tools, but now they are almost entirely replaced by light-sensitive resin 3D printers.It can produce a translucent and completely transparent effect, and can also add other colors on the basis of transparency.

According to the industry, photosensitive resin 3D printer can be used in almost all industries of hand plate molding process.Construction sand table model, home appliance hand board model, medical equipment hand board model, automobile hand board model, office equipment hand board model, computer digital hand board model, etc., industrial SLA3D printer can be given full play.

Which brand of SLA light curing 3D printer is good?

SLA 3D printer was first invented by 3D systems, and then developed rapidly in Germany, China, the Netherlands and other countries.Litmus 3D is a well-known sla3d printer manufacturer in China, which develops very fast and becomes a popular photosensitive resin 3D printer brand with excellent quality and a price acceptable to most small enterprises.Kings industrial sla3d printers are now sold not only in China, but also in several countries around the world, where they are used to make a variety of hand board models.