April 2, 2019 plastics market forecast

- Apr 03, 2019-

Oil prices rose to their highest level of the year on Monday as the outlook for demand improved.

U.S. crude for may delivery was up $1.45, or 2.4 percent, at $61.59 a barrel.

Brent crude for June delivery was up $1.43, or 2.1 percent, at $69.01 a barrel.


Market overview and forecast

PE market: yesterday's market information guidance unknown, the overall market volatility is not large.

Linear futures low open high go, petrochemical prices are basically stable, at the beginning of the month, the merchants shipping pressure is not big, mainly according to market conditions, market wait-and-see atmosphere strong.

Downstream factory purchasing enthusiasm is not high, continue to maintain the rigid demand, the trading atmosphere continues flat.

Quotation: xi 'an market quotation, lanhua 7042 at 9150 yuan/ton;

Dongguan market offer, maoming 2426K tax-free 8300-8350 yuan/ton;

Anhui market narrow range finishing, yangzi 5000S at 9,600 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to be slightly collated today.

PP market: yesterday market atmosphere wait-and-see, part of the price rise.

Polypropylene futures higher open higher, petrochemical increase part of the ex-factory price, the cost of a little support, boost the mentality of the industry, traders flexible go to reduce the warehouse, quotation local shock finishing.

Downstream factory demand to maintain cautious, real continued to enter the single, the overall trading continued flat.

Quotation reference: guangzhou market price increase, hainan refining T03 at 9000 yuan/ton;

Beijing market offer, yanshan K7726H at 9,600 yuan/ton;

Shanghai market steady medium rise, shaoxing three round T30S at 8750 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to stabilize in the adjustment.

PVC market: yesterday the market narrow consolidation, limited price fluctuations.

Petrochemical manufacturers part of the factory price increase, traders in accordance with their own inventory adjustment quotation, the downstream enterprises are still high price of the source of the resistance, the order to maintain cautious, inadequacy of the inquiry atmosphere inside.

Market reference: changzhou market offer to maintain stability, the current 5-type calcium carbide mainstream 6420-6580 yuan/ton from lift;

Qilu chemical city field offer narrow range finishing, qilu S1000 at about 6715 yuan/ton;

Shantou market prices remain stable, dagu 1000 large package at 6950 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to fluctuate little today.

PS market: yesterday the market offer overall stable, part of the decline.

Petrochemical factory price part of the decline, the industry wait-and-see sentiment is strong, businesses cautious bearish afternoon, the actual operation of more stable fine-tuning.

Downstream continues to purchase on demand, the overall market trading performance is poor.

Market reference: the beijing-tianjin-hebei market individual quotation fell, petrochina 500 at 10100 yuan/ton since lift;

Ningbo market quotation fluctuates little, saibaolong 525 10000-10050 yuan/ton;

Dongguan market reference price slipped to 525 yuan/ton at 9480 yuan.

Forecast today: it is expected that the market is still stable in the local small cut may.

ABS market: yesterday, the overall smooth operation of the market, the individual price move.

Trader side cautious partial empty mentality, more short - term operation, market - based shipping.

Downstream factories just need to take the goods, the actual order volume is general, market trading changes are limited.

Market reference: ningbo market quotation steady small move, 0215A at 12700 yuan/ton;

Dongguan market prices were mixed, with jpy 0215A rising 50 yuan to 11650 yuan/ton and zhenjiang 707K falling 10 yuan to 12120 yuan/ton.

Yuyao market quotation part small drop, dg-417 at 12,600 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to steady consolidation today.

PET bottle market: yesterday, the mainstream market focus of the interval consolidation, cost end support is strong, coupled with low inventory, the mentality of steady, but most of the inventory transfer to middlemen and downstream, its upside space is limited.

Downstream buying enthusiasm fell back, the market clinch a deal atmosphere is general.

Market reference: east China water bottles estimated on 8550-8700;

South China water bottle materials refer to 8600-8700 self-extraction;

North China water bottle material reference 8550-8650 self - lift.

Forecast today: market prices are expected today high shock.

PET waste recycling market: the market was stable yesterday, the new material market atmosphere is a little warm, but the impact on the recycling market is limited, the number of wool recycling is limited, cleaning factory shun city mainly shipping.

Chemical fiber factory product sales are not good, raw material purchase intention is general.

The atmosphere inside the stalemate, the operator confidence is insufficient.

Market reference: east China market copy of the machine on the white mainstream offer in 6400 yuan/ton or so.

Forecast today: the market is expected to run weak today.