At the end of 2018, the plastic machine industry has what technological innovation

- Jun 17, 2019-

Since entering the new century, the global new revolution of science and technology, the industrial revolution and military revolution accelerated evolution, scientific exploration depth development, characterized by intelligent, green technology revolution caused significant adjustment of international industrial division of labor and disruptive technology constantly emerging, visible, innovation drive become many enterprises to seek the core strategy of competitive advantage.As a rising star of manufacturing industry, plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years.2018 is the year of innovation, and in the near term, all kinds of scientific and technological achievements are emerging.So the rapid development of plastic machine manufacturing industry, recent progress in what new technology?

Anhui tengyue USES aluminum-plastic separation technology to realize efficient recovery of wires and cables

The effective recycling of electric wires and cables is a major problem facing the industry.Recently, anhui tengyue aluminum-plastic co., ltd. vigorously developed the aluminum-plastic separation technology can achieve efficient recycling of waste wires and cables.This technology utilizes the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and utilizes the different physical characteristics of aluminum and plastic to fully crush the waste aluminum-plastic composite products to small particles with a diameter of 0.5mm, initially separate the aluminum-plastic products by steam heating, and heat the reaction kettle under pressure until the aluminum-plastic products are completely separated.Compared with the traditional method, this technology does not use any chemical reagents, easily, thoroughly and harmlessly realize the separation of composite aluminum and plastic products.

This technology can not only be applied to the recycling of waste wires and cables, but also to the recycling and recycling of all kinds of aluminum and plastic packaging bags, such as capsule board, candy packaging, tea packaging, and decorative aluminum and plastic board, which are ubiquitous in daily life. It not only saves resources, but also solves the recycling problem of a large class of materials.

DPI USES robots to help with trimming

Recently, the standard material carrier and plastic storage containers of well-known manufacturers RotomolderDiversifiedPlasticsInc. Company will add a FerryIndustriesInc. A new type of rotary furnace and a robot AdvancedTechnologyLLC unit, * for spa, swimming pool, yacht and new production line of plastic steps in the workshop.The robot unit will assist in the factory's edging process, making edging work more consistent, safer, more efficient, and with less waste.Robots will be used to trim high-volume products such as plastic spa steps.

Kraussmaffei achieves the perfect integration of advanced mixing equipment and industry 4.0 technology

Recently, to meet the growing demand for data acquisition and analysis, kraussmafi-belstov has developed two new systems that can be offered to customers as options for ZEBluePower extruders.Advanced data acquisition, processing and analysis can greatly simplify the daily production process and provide valuable process information for process optimization.These two highly innovative solutions for ZEBluePower's new generation of twin-screw extruders provide the perfect integration of advanced mixing equipment with industry 4.0 technology.

Kiefel introduces a new vacuum laminating technology for the automotive industry

On November 15, 2018, Kiefel presented a new vacuum coating technology at the company's "AutomotiveDialogDay" event, which USES the pre-cut technology of piece-welded plate * foil, called "piece-welded plate coating" (TBL).Vacuum laminating is a fully automatic process that can reduce the cost of manufacturing auto parts such as doors, handrails and even entire door panels and dashboards.White has developed a new and highly automatic vacuum laminator for this purpose.The integrated robot is not only responsible for moving machine parts and components.The robots are also used to move the coated parts to the next step, edging or punching.Compared with traditional vacuum laminating machines of the same volume, the company said, the overall machine covers 50 percent less space.Product quality is also better due to significantly reduced foil strength and particle washing.

Repsol introduces PP technology for gamma radiation sterilization

Not long ago, Repsol, a Spanish energy and chemicals company, launched its PP technology, which is resistant to gamma radiation sterilization.The company says it expects innovative sterilization techniques to replace more traditional ones, such as gas or autoclave.Due to the unique morphological and structural characteristics of PP, developing this method without degradation of polymers is challenging.The company also introduced gamma radiation levels and two new types of PP at the "Compamed" exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany on November 12, 2018 solstice 15.These * products complement the Healthcare series launched by Repsol two years ago, including HDPE, LDPE, EVA and PP grades.