Basf innovative materials support 5G infrastructure

- Sep 21, 2019-

To ensure the transmission speed of 5G signal, the selection of communication tower materials is quite critical.Traditional cement or metal materials will cause loss to 5G signal, but composite materials can easily solve this problem.

Basf Elastolit® polyurethane (PU) innovative materials solutions are helping China deploy 5G networks.Anhui huike hengyuan composite materials co., LTD. (huike) USES Elastolit® to build 60 communication towers in Beijing, suzhou, heilongjiang and jiangxi.

Dong qiangnan, general manager of huike, said, "the peak data rate of 5G network can reach 100 times of the current 4G network, and it will become the pillar of the development of China's smart cities and advanced technologies such as autonomous driving and industrial automation.To ensure the fast and stable operation of 5G network, solid infrastructure, including communication towers, is essential."

Compared with traditional concrete or steel-based materials, the Elastolit® tower is lighter and can be installed quickly even in remote areas, and can withstand severe weather such as snow and strong winds.

Elastolit® makes a pole that weighs less than a quarter of the weight of a conventional pole, greatly saving manpower.

"A 5G base station carrying transmission equipment and antennas must be strong in bad weather conditions," said Andy Postlethwaite, global senior vice-president of properties materials for basf Asia Pacific.The 35-meter tall communication tower, made of basf PU composite material, weighs about 1,500 to 1,800 kilograms and has a breaking strength 10 times its own weight."

Moreover, Elastolit®'s towers are more cost-effective than traditional steel towers.Elastolit® is rustproof and corrosion resistant and requires less maintenance.The surface is covered with a special formula of uv resistant coating, which can extend its service life.At the same time has the fire resistance, can quickly self-extinguishing.

In addition to communication towers, Elastolit® is also used for making telephone poles.In 2018, huike helped install 40 ultra-light poles in the snow-stricken huangshan region of anhui province, and restored power within 20 hours.

Several power builders are moving the new poles.Thanks to this lightweight composite material, the time of power rush repair in huangshan region has been greatly reduced.

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