C 2 hydrogenation catalyst for industrial application

- Jul 17, 2019-

The carbon dioxide hydrogenation catalyst (pec-21) independently developed by the China petroleum and chemical research institute has been running continuously for one month in lanzhou petrochemical company's 460,000 tons/year ethylene first-stage reactor, marking the first industrial application of this catalyst.

The continuous monitoring data showed that pec-21 catalyst ran smoothly, the temperature distribution in the reactor bed was good, the acetylene content at export was qualified, and the comprehensive performance of catalyst was excellent.

Lanzhou petrochemical's 460,000 ton/year ethylene plant is characterized by wide variation of cracking gas components and high butadiene content. The content of butadiene is more than 10 times that of similar plants in China, requiring strict requirements on catalysts.In the last operating cycle, the imported catalyst used in a reactor was rapidly coking and deactivated during operation, which could not meet the requirements of the long-term stable operation of the unit.

China petroleum petrochemical research institute provides long-term technical services for lanzhou petrochemical.At the end of 2018, lanzhou chemical research center of the institute invited technicians from lanzhou petrochemical ethylene plant to daqing petrochemical company and sichuan petrochemical company to learn about the application of pec-21 catalyst in the institute.After the comparison and demonstration of benefits, cycle and performance characteristics with the imported agent, lanzhou petrochemical company decided to adopt pec-21 catalyst for the new cycle first stage reactor, and required to complete the delivery before May 2019.

According to the special working conditions of lanzhou petrochemical company, the researchers of lanzhou chemical research center optimize the catalyst formula, arrange the refinery institute to conduct modeling and calculation of lanzhou petrochemical separation system, provide the raw material optimization scheme of the carbon-two hydrogenation unit, and determine the application scheme of catalyst after in-depth and detailed technical exchanges.

The carbon 2 hydrogenation team has implemented the catalyst formulation optimization plan, production plan, loading plan and construction plan.In the catalyst production stage, team members pay close attention to each production link, strictly supervise the process and strictly control the production quality, ensuring the high quality and timely supply of pec-21 catalyst.

On June 17, lanzhou petrochemical carbon ii hydrogenation unit was started. In view of the unfavorable factors of low CO content and low airspeed during the process of starting, the carbon ii hydrogenation team timely adjusted the starting plan and participated in the whole process deeply, ensuring the success of pec-21 catalyst in the first drive.

"The domestic transformation and replacement of the catalyst in the carbon-dioxide hydrogenation reactor makes the catalyst purchase cost lower, the selection performance better and the conversion efficiency higher, realizing the reduction of ethylene unit cost and efficiency."The application of PEC-21 catalyst was highly appraised by lanzhou petrochemical.

In the next step, the carbon-2 hydrogenation team will track the operation of the catalyst in the whole process and timely provide technical services to ensure the long-term stable operation of lanzhou petrochemical carbon-2 hydrogenation unit.