China's first full-glass fiber composite fixed-wing aircraft made its maiden flight to fill the gap of domestic composite materials

- Jan 04, 2020-

On December 30, 2019, CG231, a four-seat fixed-wing aircraft with independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by chongqing general aviation group and nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, made its maiden flight at longxing general airport in chongqing's liangjiang new area, which fills a gap in the field of domestic composite materials.

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Starting from 15pm, the first flight of this CG231 aircraft has completed several stages including take-off and climb, level flight, field flight and landing according to the established courses, achieving a successful maiden flight.

The whole flight lasted about 30 minutes.

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It is reported that the CG231 is the first all-fiberglass composite 4-seat fixed-wing aircraft in China. The aircraft is equipped with a single-wing layout, continental cd-155 / lycoming io-360 engine and integrated display system.

The aircraft has a wingspan of 11.18m, a take-off weight of 1,184kg, a maximum endurance of 1,600km, a maximum flat flight speed of 280km/h, a lift limit of more than 6000m, and a take-off glide distance of less than 300m and a landing glide distance of only 150m.

It can be applied to pilot training, police patrol, sightseeing, flight experience, aerial photography and other fields.

CG231 can be applied to pilot training, police patrol, sightseeing, flight experience, aerial photography and other fields, with perfect flight quality and beautiful comfort.

The CG231 is very convenient to use and maintain, and is expected to sell for less than 2 million yuan, making it highly competitive in the market.

At the beginning of the design, the aircraft has formulated the design idea of "one aircraft, multiple types and series development". In the future, chongqing general aviation group will take CG231 as the platform to carry out the research and development of waterborne aircraft through serialized development and improved modification, so as to realize the serialized development of this model.

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The successful test flight of the CG231 aircraft.

Chongqing general aviation group

Chongqing city technology bureau relevant controller introduces, in order to truly achieve navigation aircraft make "" chongqing, chongqing, the chongqing municipal technology bureau set up the" advanced "light aircraft developed special major themes, support navigation group in helicopter rotor system, the flight control system and regulatory aspects of core technology research and development of the high integration integrated avionics system, high reliability, the plane crashed control system, fuel system, and implements the domestic composites at home the whole for the first time application of composites on the plane.

At the same time, relying on chongqing general aviation group to gather the American ernst dragon helicopter company, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, and enterprises in the upstream and downstream of chongqing general aviation industry chain, the "chongqing new high-end research and development institution" has been established to carry out joint innovation around the aviation general industry.

It is understood that CG231 is also the first time to use domestic composite materials on a fully composite aircraft in China. It has received strong support from the aviality approval department of civil aviation administration of China, southwest regional administration of civil aviation administration of China, chongqing science and technology bureau, etc., and has entered the type certificate of conformity (TC) review procedure of civil aviation administration of China.

Most of the aircraft parts are supported by domestic, and we cooperate with more than a dozen finished products suppliers, which can promote the rapid development of the supporting industry of radiating general aircraft and the improvement of airworthiness.

At the same time, several universities participated in the project development, giving full play to the advantages of the combination of industry, university and research.

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Huang yongzheng, chairman of chongqing general aviation group, was interviewed by reporters

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CG231 test pilot Lin hong

The successful first flight of the CG231 marked the comprehensive development of the aviation industry in chongqing, "simultaneous flight of aviation aviation wings and landing of helicopter fixed wings".

It successfully developed to fill the domestic composite material in the domestic application of compound material plane all blank, opened up a navigable aircraft market a new product category, created the shipping market in our country the whole glass fiber composites business promotion and application of aircraft, to promote the development of independent intellectual property rights in China aviation technology, realize "independent research and development, and independent production of" general aircraft play an important role.

More than 200 people, including chongqing state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and other relevant government departments, liangjiang new area, relevant units of the civil aviation system, shareholders of chongqing general aviation group, friendly cooperative units and customer representatives of the company, witnessed the first flight of CG231.

Hu: independent research and development of aircraft, including overall scheme, detailed design, manufacture, assembly, supplier management, test flight, authorized and so on many aspects of the comprehensive work, CG231 model is developed by nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, together with the chongqing shipping group independently by chongqing shipping group produces domestic first full glass fiber composite four fixed wing aircraft, lasted three years, the whole development team with an average age of only 30 years old, have complete independent intellectual property rights.

CG231 is designed in accordance with the technical standards of the world's most advanced FAR23, and key system suppliers such as power and avionics are all first-class suppliers in the world, with full security guarantee.

In addition, as for the safety of the aircraft, we have done a number of tests, among which the most critical static test was successfully completed on December 2, which can fully guarantee the safety of the aircraft.

After the success of the first flight, CG231 will be transferred to the airworthiness certification stage. Airworthiness certification is the process of ensuring that the aircraft carries out technical realization in accordance with the requirements of Chinese civil aviation regulations. Only products that have passed airworthiness certification and obtained airworthiness certificate can enter the market, which is expected to take 1-2 years.

Learned, opened up a navigable CG231 aircraft market a new product category, created the shipping market in our country the whole glass fiber composites business promotion and application of aircraft, the future of chongqing shipping group will be CG231 as the platform, through the serial development and improve the retrofit, jet aircraft research and development, the realization of the models of the serial development.