CHINAPLAS went to shenzhen, the electronic capital, to unveil new materials in the electronic and electrical industry

- May 07, 2019-

With the arrival of 5G wave, "plasticity" remains a passion. The material changes of mobile phones and other wireless devices and 5G base stations trigger the infinite imagination space of innovative plastic technology.

In the competitive market environment, how to break through the electronic and electrical industry innovation?

Flexible display materials, LCP, liquid silicone multi-component injection molding process and other new materials new process how to power the development of electronic and electrical industry?

Let's take a look at the application hot technologies unveiled at the "CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastics exhibition new technology for plastics application (shenzhen) summit" today.

Summit, CHINAPLAS2019 xiangsu international exhibition organizers - adsale exhibition services co., LTD., general manager, says ms Liang Yaqi exhibition xiangsu CHINAPLAS this year to return to guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao to aim at big bay area development planning blueprint, around the "intelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection and renewable solution" three direction, bring a variety of high performance and fashionable appearance, health, environmental protection and multifunctional materials.

In addition, intelligent manufacturing solutions such as automation equipment, high-end robots, visual systems, 3D printing and other technologies will also be presented in the exhibition, providing a high-quality platform for the exchange of scientific and technological innovation for manufacturers of electronic information and electrical appliances, and helping the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area to build an international first-class bay area and a world-class city cluster.

Wang wenguang, secretary general of polymer industry association of shenzhen, the summit partner, said that in the era of folding screen, the demand for flexible OLED display continues to explode, and as the upstream of the whole industry chain, flexible display materials usher in a once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity.

Transparent polyimide CPI, polycarbonate PC and polyethylene terephthalate PI are the core basic materials of flexible display screen. The manufacturing process requirements and technical specifications directly determine the weight, wear resistance and flexure of flexible OLED display screen, and have become the focus of competition among many flexible screen manufacturers.

Conference and daikin fluorochemical (China) co., LTD., Shanghai fanuc robotics co., LTD., shenzhen walter o new material co., LTD., the burger machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD., the ocean resin co., LTD, ayman al (suzhou) engineering plastics co., LTD. And top design group co., LTD. Exhibitors and visitors from CHINAPLAS2019 international displaying enterprise representatives, experts to attend, and delivered a keynote speech.

Demand for LCPS has increased dramatically as electronics have become thinner and more complex.

In addition, due to the rapid development of the electronics industry, the industry has put forward many new requirements for LCP, one of which is dielectric performance.

Mr. Qian xun, general manager of special business department of shenzhen walter new materials co., LTD., introduces the new specification with controllable dielectric constant newly developed by walter in the theme speech of "customized dielectric performance of walter LCP in the 5G era", in order to meet the industrial requirements.

In the field of LCP, shiyang resin is also very influential as the customized supplier of LCP resin of * Korea.

From the resin co., LTD, marketing director for China and Mr Jinhong Yi general agent ms Bai Fang together to bring us the "typical products of special purpose & customized LCP technology" speech, talk LCP kinds of pure resin, special compound with colored, antistatic, conductive performance, and the extrusion grade high tenacity LCP fibers.

Shiyan resin can help * to make 5G telecom components, low/high dielectric performance grade, 5G antenna module and LDS/MID grade, and make high performance LCP film extrusion grade, providing customers with ideal personalized customization.

With nearly 40 years of application experience in the liquid silicone industry, abberg machinery (Shanghai) co., ltd. is committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions from equipment, materials, molds and automation.

At the summit, Mr. Feng liangzhong, an application engineer in the application department of abberg company, introduced the "liquid silicone multi-component injection molding process" from the introduction of liquid silicone component injection molding to the liquid silicone two-component mold technology. The equipment is widely used in medical, automotive, 3C electronics, industrial electronics and other industries.

Ayman al (suzhou) engineering plastics co., LTD. The project technical service group leader at the meeting, Mr He Chao professional solutions with high performance engineering plastics, global lead, transparent nylon GrilamidTR semicrystalline polyamide chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance and dynamic fatigue strength and the perfect combination of an amorphous polymer high transparency, in the home appliance industry is about material applications.

In many successful cases of metal substitution, the advantages of cost saving, integrated design, green environmental protection and technological innovation are favored by more and more enterprises.

Upgrade as consumer demand, the performance of electronic products demand is higher and higher, daikin fluorochemical as widely used in the field of the use of global high fluorine chemical products production enterprises, has a wealth of product line and comprehensive technical service system, the summit, daikin fluorochemical (China) co., LTD. Technical director Mr Ceng Xin focus bring participants anti-fouling solution of fluorine material, through the antifouling function realization of hydrophobic hydrophobic oil, prevent fingerprints, prevent aging, high performance power 3 c product value.

Shanghai fanuc robotics co., LTD. Of intelligent machine engineering department section chief Mr Xu Xianzhe "FANUCROBOSHOT application in the field of precision molding", this paper introduces the ROBOSHOT with functions of AI, modules, compression molding, silicone molding and a series of features, and can be applied to 5 g phone back cover compression molding, compression molding of light guide plate and the silicone lens.

"CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition" focuses on the three hotspots of "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection and recyclable solutions", effectively meets the high precision demand of downstream buyers, and brings the industry a high standard and high specification rubber and plastic manufacturing process feast.

The exhibition area of more than 250000 square meters, gathered more than 3500 well-known brand suppliers, including basf, dupont, teijin, sumitomo chemical, mitsubishi chemical, LG chem, SK, 51, berger, ABB, Haitian, Ann, engel, bruckner, Rio starr, bo le special steel, fanuc, shaddick, prosperous xin, "Dan carle doni, Davis standard, etc., for the global buyers bring lead, plastic machinery, materials and technology solutions.

In order to let the audience have a more intuitive understanding of the automated manufacturing operation and management, the "industry 4.0 future factory" activity will be held in the same place at the same time, in the form of "homo sapiens intelligent manufacturing general control room" and "intelligent factory", directly hit the intelligent landing solutions.

The audience can have a glimpse of 10 simulated scenes covering production, management and supply chain, including "shift handover", "seamless supply chain management", "active temperature control" and "intelligent quality control".

Industrial design is the forerunner of the development of manufacturing industry. Advanced industrial design can effectively optimize product structure, improve product quality, increase technical content and enhance added value, which is of great importance to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Exhibition organizers in guangdong industrial design association will hold "design innovation" x series of activities, "the CMF inspiration" show plastic provide rich resources of science and technology as the CMF design, let the audience can close observation and touch, "BBS" invite world famous designers and plastic suppliers share the product innovation of science and technology and environmental protection design of infinite possibility, "the night of CHINAPLAS designer by plastic electronic information x cross-border, together explore innovative materials and processes.

In addition to a series of wonderful concurrent activities, the organizers will also be held for industry hotspot "2019 power battery diaphragm BBS and aluminum-plastic film technology and application", "2019 photoelectric display kind of optical film and related raw materials technology and application of BBS" and "cars and rail transit lightweight materials and application technology conference", "automobile and track traffic low VOCs materials and application technology conference", "2019 international flexible packaging new technology exchange meeting (guangzhou)" and "under the new consumer trends, innovation and development of packaging materials", and more than 40 technical seminars, dense release hot technology,

Help the industry to decode the industry market and grasp the situation.

More than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries/regions are expected to visit the exhibition for purchasing and technical exchange.

At present, many world famous electronic enterprise has to participate, including the skyworth, midea, gree, zte, sichuan changhong, haier, huawei, APPLE, opple, panasonic, lenovo, konka, soft yu science and technology, science and technology of millet, star source material, tyco electronics, foxconn, byd, vtech, wistron, and so on.