Chinaplas2019 lingwei technology new arrival

- May 24, 2019-

Ling wei technology will attend the 2019 China international rubber and plastic exhibition in guangzhou pazhou China import and export fair from May 21 to 24, 2019.

Ling wei technology is located in booth P33 of hall 9.3 in zone B.


As a dedicated supplier of new silicon dioxide materials, ling wei technology is about to bring a new product "opening agent -- silicon dioxide for plastic masterbatch" to the rubber and plastics exhibition for the first time, hoping to bring new vitality to the industry.

The following is the product details:

Hongsheng brand K series plastic-grade silica is a kind of synthetic amorphous silica with white powder appearance. It is manufactured by special processing technology and its surface has been specially treated. It has good solubility with plastics.

Particles with porous structure and high specific surface area.

So that the addition of less, good dispersion, without grinding, will not affect the transparency of the plastic film, strength.

Non-toxic, pollution-free, does not contain any volatile substances and precipitates, to ensure the quality of the packaging;

Improve the film in the high-speed packaging line of the anti-bonding, improve the creep resistance, film has the role of strengthening;

The particles make the polymer reduce the exposed molecular chain in the processing process, so that there is no macromolecular chain winding when the two membranes contact, thus solving the problem of opening;

At the same time, because the molecular chain is not exposed, the film also reduces the adsorption force when passing through the object friction, thus increasing the smooth performance.

This product is mainly used for PP, PE, PET, PVC plastic film, improve the film opening performance and film slip, without grinding.

For very low water requirements of PET film customers before using this product can be under 300 ℃ dry before using this product, will not affect the performance of the product.

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