Chinese firm wins fortune 500!But manufacturing is a worry!

- Jul 24, 2019-

It is regarded by the economic circle as the "fortune" list, which is considered as a barometer of the economic conditions of all countries in the world, and also an important measure of great power competition.

The fortune 500 list was released on July 22.For the first time, China has more companies on the list (129) than the us (121). Even excluding Taiwan, the number of Chinese mainland companies (including Hong Kong) is on a par with the us at 119.

China has surpassed the United States to become the country with the largest number of companies in the world's top 500. This is a historic change that not only testifies to China's economic achievements, but also showcases the new image of Chinese enterprises.

Shortlisted for the number of state of the world's top 500 have been relatively stable, but the influence of the merger and reorganization, the number of a little change, it is worth noting that this year there are 13 new companies on the list, respectively is: the national development bank, China's car group, castle peak holdings group, jinchuan group, Gree Electric Appliances, inc. of Zhuhai, anhui conch group, the Chinese insurance companies, tongling nonferrous metals group, shanxi coking coal group, millet, hailiang group co., LTD., China general technology (group) holding co., LTD., Formosa petrochemical co., LTD., millet is a ranking of one of the youngest members of the company in 2019.

Gree and xiaomi are both representatives of traditional and emerging enterprises, which to some extent indicates that complementary advantages of traditional and emerging enterprises in China are emerging.

From the list, traditional enterprises still occupy the top position, but it is not hard to find that technology enterprises have shown a strong impact.Among the global well-known Internet and technology companies, the company ranked 11, amazon ranks 13th, samsung ranked 15, Google parent Alphabet number 37, Microsoft ranked 60, Facebook ranked 184th, in terms of earnings, is superior to the traditional enterprise, apple, samsung ranked profit ranking the second and the fourth, SBC profitability such as huawei, ali, tencent also significantly higher than that of traditional enterprises, shows the growth and development of science and technology enterprises strong ability.

2019 listed enterprises, become the fastest top 10 companies, including six from mainland China, become the fastest when belong to country garden, suddenly jumped by 176, the other five jump range is big, alibaba rose by 118, sun dragon net group rose by 96, tencent rose by 94, Su Ningyi purchasing group rose by 94, China Evergrande rose by 92, up nearly hundreds of places.

This suggests that Chinese enterprises have been fully integrated into the world, and full access to the world advanced level, despite the global economic situation, but Chinese companies at their own pace in do bigger and stronger, no accident of words later in the world top 500 enterprises, Chinese enterprises will gradually increase, China is changing the pattern of the world top 500 enterprises.

Although the number of Chinese enterprises entering the list keeps increasing and their ranking keeps moving forward, these inherent contradictions and problems of Chinese enterprises cannot be ignored and should be carefully dealt with.

First, the increase in the number of Chinese companies on the list is attributed to the special factors of accelerating external expansion caused by corporate reform and restructuring.Such as baowu group, the position can be improved 13, a large part of the reason is to benefit from corporate restructuring.

Second, the profitability of Chinese companies is still relatively weak. The annual average profit of the world's top 500 companies is 4.3 billion us dollars, while the annual average profit of Chinese companies on the list is 3.5 billion us dollars, which is obviously lower than the world's average level, especially when compared with the us giants.

Third, the corporation is to achieve high quality development and manufacturing enterprises must possess the conditions and basis, and in the new list of Chinese companies, private companies and the number of manufacturing are small, profit ability is a bit weak and seating arrangement, so it seems, private companies also need to work harder, manufacturing needs new breakthrough, for China how to motivate the better development of private enterprises development, manufacturing is still a major issue.

Finally, we can see our own shortcomings, respect the law changes of the market, take the company as the leader, and take merger and reorganization as the means in the market economy. Finally, we can be a real strong 500.