Cleaning and maintenance of folding stool

- Jul 31, 2018-

The maintenance of folding stool;

Wooden Folding Stool: not easy to put in the humid environment, to pay attention to moisture, to avoid wood mildew corruption.

Plastic Folding Stool: Be careful to use, do not casually throw, to avoid children with slapstick, plastic material is more fragile. Metal folding stool: To often check the folding screw is loose, pay attention not to the corrosive items splashed into the metal parts of the stool to prevent rust.

Periodically check the metal surface of the coating is off, rust area is enlarged.

Cleaning of Folding Stool: Wipe with a dry rag, or rub the stool surface with water, metal folding stool to remove dust with dry cloth as far as possible