Considerations in the design of precision die

- Jul 17, 2019-

Considerations in the design of precision mold:

1: shape and size accuracy of object forming products, flow direction of resin, transmission of injection pressure, solidification of filled resin.As a mold designer, to know the requirements of the product, which is also the source of precision mold design.So the requirements of the product must be thoroughly understood.

2: the characteristics of the object forming products, to have a very systematic list of the characteristics of the forming products, mainly materials, the shape of the forming products, on the following mold design some details will have basis.

3: mold structure.The structure of fine mold and ordinary plastic mold structure scheme is different.Ordinary plastic mold structure design scheme may have several are feasible, but fine mold, some structure can have a certain impact, so some precision mold structure scheme may be very demanding.It mainly considers the influence of mould action on the products.

4: rigidity and strength of mold.My personal experience thinks that the rigidity of the mold is very important. I often see that some mold blanks and internal mold materials are very thin. I can only say that maybe his mold can be produced.If the strength of the mold is to maintain the mold will not break, I think this is a very unreasonable idea, and is also a manifestation of lack of experience in mold design.

5: glue inlet and cross glue passage are important factors to control products.The precision mold has certain requirements on the way of the product into the glue, to make the glue point more beautiful, the product will have an unexpected effect.

6: mold temperature return circuit, mold should be controlled at uniform temperature.It is necessary to set the temperature difference required by the resin flow direction.The die surface temperature of the parts should be uniform at the moment the forming product leaves the die.This requires the mold cooling system to be reasonable.

7: precision requirements of precision mold, processing mold to take the processing mode is very important.According to the shape of the forming part of the mold cavity, slow wire is very common.So the design should consider the processing mode.

8: the mould structure should be reasonable to facilitate the addition of other schemes.For example, a position may not be ideal, if it is not ideal after the mold test, we will take a backup plan.