Construction of Folding Stool

- Jul 31, 2018-

Plastic folding stool, made up of a new type of stool and stool legs, the connection between stool surface and stool leg is hinged, the stool surface is sunken, the lower part of both stools is m-shaped or approximately m-shaped, and the sag of the two stools legs is hinged with the middle of the bottom of the stool surface through the two connecting rods.

The utility model has the advantages that the legs of the stool can be folded into the stool surface, and from the appearance, it is only a stool surface, which is very convenient to carry, and because of its reasonable structure, good mechanical properties and low price. The folding stool has a triangular stool seat and its three upper stool legs are connected to the corner of the stool seat. A stool leg bracket is fastened to the bottom of each stool leg and has a transverse hole with an asymmetrical shape. A Y-shaped central connection component keeps the leg brackets together. The joint has an irregularly shaped extension, and when the leg bracket is transferred into the first state, the extension part can be inserted into the asymmetrical transverse hole of the leg bracket. The leg bracket can be transferred into a second state so that the upper stool leg can be inserted into the leg bracket and pressed on a circular bearing or flange in the leg bracket. Insert the lower stool leg into the leg bracket.

The stool can be folded by folding the leather bracket and by collapsing the leg to a substantially parallel state.