Costron is pushing the development of medical wearable devices

- Sep 21, 2019-

Coxtron will present portable medical devices and innovative wound care concepts at the Compamed 2019 and Medica 2019 trade shows in Dusseldorf on November 18, solstice 21.For several years, kostron has positioned itself as a key supplier of materials to the emerging market.

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Costron will present flexible medical electronic placement materials solutions based on Platilon® and Baymedix® polyurethane materials and new solutions for in-vivo drug delivery devices made from a mixture of Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® at the D46 booth in hall 13.

Growth of the electronic patch market

Electronic patches have been used in many areas such as patient monitoring, and the market demand is increasing with the digitization of healthcare.

At the core of costron's target market are flexible material applications such as electroencephalogram (EEG), maternity band, blood pressure measuring band and personal electrocardiogram (ECG).So, kostron will show prototypes made from its flexible integrated materials:

• a soft, breathable, stretchy Platilon® membrane for patient comfort

• printable substrate for printing electronic equipment

• combination of skin and paste friendly adhesives based on Baymedix® materials

• based on Baymedix® solderable foam to ensure the safe use of electronic products

Plastic for body devices

In addition to flexible materials, costron provides ideal materials for hard-shell wearable devices for dynamic drug delivery devices or sensitive diagnostic devices.

Makrolon® medical grade polycarbonate provides excellent dimensional stability and mechanical properties for the development of safe and durable equipment.Due to its high transparency and good surface texture, Makrolon® also offers a wide range of design options, such as integrated LED light transmission.Bayblend® (PC + ABS blend) and Makroblend® (PC + PBT blend) polycarbonate blend can meet other customer requirements.

Cotronics expert Dr UlrikeLutzow will deliver a presentation on "wearable skin: materials solutions between medicine and electronics" on November 19, 2019.

Innovative concept of wound prevention

KSH will showcase innovations in wound management at booth H30 in hall 8b.The company conducted a wound-prevention design study that focused on the three most important factors that cause bedsores: pressure, friction and shear.The highly breathable prototype was made only from kostron's polyurethane materials.

The main features of this prototype wound prevention dressing made from Baymedix® and Platilon® materials are:

• optimized friction, shear and pressure control

• excellent moisture management keeps skin healthy under dressings

• apply skin-friendly polyurethane adhesive

• efficient and sustainable manufacturing technologies

The components of these products can be continuously rolled up and all material layers are continuously produced, increasing cost and manufacturing efficiency.At the same time, the edge of the thermoplastic welding can also be completed in the process.In addition, the method saves energy and is environmentally friendly because it reduces production steps.