Costtron supplies polycarbonate materials for organ care systems

- Mar 12, 2019-

Polymer maker costtron provided materials for the Transmedics organ care system, which allows organs to function outside the body and makes organ optimization and evaluation possible.


The purpose of the Transmedics device is to improve the way organs are preserved during transportation. The system delivers warm, nutrient-rich blood to the organs.

Transmedics has three OCS products -- OCS heart, OCS lungs, and OCS liver -- each with three main components: a portable console with wireless monitors, a disposable infusion device, and a nutrient-rich solution.The transparent shell of the perfusion device USES Makrolon2458 and Makrolon Rx1452 polycarbonate to protect the organs, while the connector for the connection USES MakrolonRx1805 polycarbonate.

"Makrolon provides the combination of transparency and toughness required for this medical device," said John Sullivan, vice President of engineering at Transmedics.

Medical Makrolon polycarbonate has several features designed for the OCS platform, including:

Dimensional stability

Impact and chemical resistance

Suitable for disinfection

To meet the requirements of many iso10993-1 test biocompatibility

Makrolon 2458 polycarbonate and Makrolon polycarbonate have the characteristics of low viscosity and easy release.

Families and strong polycarbonate medical care market the manager Lauren Zetts said: "transportation safety organ actually mean the difference between life and death."We are pleased that our materials have been instrumental in helping TransMedics complete their mission of providing timely health transplants.

Kostron will also present its medical applications and materials on February 5 at solstice 7 at MD & MWest in Anaheim, California.