Countdown | 7.17 to meet Qingdao plastic exhibition

- Jun 15, 2020-

The 22nd Qingdao (China) Plastics Industry Exhibition in 2020 has entered the final 50-day sprint phase as various exhibition cities across the country have pressed the restart button.

As the first exhibition of plastics industry in Bohai Bay area in the second half of the year, this exhibition has the influence of "pulling together the whole body" in boosting market confidence and driving market consumption. It will play a symbolic and demonstrative effect for the market. The recovery of exhibition industry means the real recovery of the market.

At the beginning of this year, the market economy was affected by the epidemic, and the strong strength accumulated by manufacturing enterprises was bound to be released in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held in Qingdao international convention and exhibition center, red island (zhaocun, torch road no. 326), at the appointed time, the exhibition will focus on plastic technology high and new environmental protection material, efficient intelligent molding machine equipment, mould application, robot automation, such as plastic packaging solutions, to Qingdao and shandong inject new vitality, and the surrounding area of plastic industry, continue to promote the domestic plastic industry upgrading.

The exhibition

What are the highlights of this year's show?

I. "meeting" and "Exhibition" linkage, watch the wind, win the future!

To grasp the medical plastics industry development opportunities, and promote the innovation of the medical plastics technology integration, help enterprise to return to work and production, from Qingdao jinnuo international exhibition co., LTD., OFweek vico network to undertake the "2020 China medical plastic innovation technology seminar" will be held over the same period of the exhibition, through keynote and interactive form, will be invited from medical plastic material, mechanical production and products of the upstream and downstream industry chain of industry experts, surrounding the medical plastic market present situation and the trend, the innovation of the medical devices regulations, medical plastic technology and advanced technology such as hot topic for all-round discussion,

The aim is to build an interactive platform for the production, study and research of medical plastic industry and an innovative ecosystem of medical plastic industry.

The exhibition

During the five-day exhibition period, a number of conferences and forums will be held successively, including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory, printing and packaging, etc. While visiting the exhibition, it also points out the direction for the future development of the industry.

The exhibition

Two, the plastic machine famous enterprise gathers, seeks the innovation, develops together.

Qingdao Plastic Expo since the investment, including injection molding, blow molding, film blowing, extrusion and peripheral auxiliary equipment and many domestic and foreign plastic industry front-line brand suppliers registered to attend the meeting, caused the plastic industry enterprises wide attention.

Organizers with many sessions of hosting experience have accumulated multiple professional buyer data of plastic and rubber products and supporting industries and related users in Bohai Bay area, and we are here to build a one-stop cooperation and procurement platform for you.

CPE2020 will be the exhibitors

The exhibition

Summer resort/the first choice of tourism, looking at the mountains, macro water

The exhibition lasts for five days, so we have plenty of time to enjoy the charm of this seaside city except for the daily exhibition.

Small Qingdao, always let you not stop the pace of the tour, not to leave the pace

This coastal city will allow you to relax the tension of the first half of the year, and at the same time, you can better plan for the second half of the year and the future direction of development.

This is the city where you will meet your future partners, suppliers, buyers...

The new exhibition hall is better equipped,

Better traffic: close to the airport, perfect traffic system to ensure the traffic safety of exhibition arrangement and withdrawal.

Space upgrade: provide larger and better creative space for exhibitors.

Complete supporting facilities: catering center, conference center, five-star hotel around, living and working.

After two decades of trials and tribulations, the relocation of the new pavilion is a new starting point for CPE2019.

Continuous innovation is an important trend in the plastic industry. "Qingdao Plastic Exhibition" complies with the development demand of the industry. No matter exhibitors' exhibits, innovative technologies, simultaneous activities or on-site services, it is believed that they will bring extraordinary new experience to the industry.

This exhibition will attract more visitors and exhibitors with a new attitude, create new peak, lead the development and trend of China's plastic industry market, please pay attention.

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