Develop new technology of inner static electricity generation

- Aug 01, 2019-

Recently, sumitomo rubber industry association announced that it has conducted joint research with professor Hiroshi Tani of kansai university to develop a new technology for generating electricity from the rotation of tires.In the future, this technology will be the power source of all kinds of automotive digital devices, which has great potential in practical applications.Sumitomo rubber continues to promote technological innovation with science and technology, contributing to the rapid development of the tire industry.

Looking into the future of science and technology with friction charging technology

Tires, as an important part of vehicles, play a vital role in both safety and energy conservation.As early as the 1940s, someone discovered the phenomenon of static electricity between tires and road interface.In automobile operation, especially the special use of electronic/electrical equipment, the induced charge accumulation of the electronic/electrical equipment can be up to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of volts during the long running time, thus interfering with the normal operation of the electronic equipment inside the vehicle, and even causing catastrophic hazards such as spontaneous combustion and fire.How to make good use of the static electricity in vehicles has become a common subject that the relevant industries need to overcome.

Sumitomo rubber industries, in collaboration with kansai university, is developing a new technology that converts static electricity generated by tyres into clean energy by installing an electricity-collecting device inside them.The new device USES a shape change in the ground area caused by the rotation of a tire to generate efficient electricity.The results of the latest research will advance the application of this new technology as a power source for sensors in TPMS(tire pressure monitoring system) and other automotive equipment, which will help research and realize the service of various digital devices without using batteries.

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The new development concept of safety and environmental protection leads to great changes in the industry

As one hundred tire enterprise, sumitomo rubber roll out "intelligent tire concept" as a new tire technology development concept, aims to achieve "higher safety performance" and "better environmental performance" to deal with the car industry is undergoing tremendous changes, and has been committed to the use of a variety of digital devices of all kinds of data, to launch a new auto service solutions.

In October 2018, the research theme was selected by the Japanese agency for science and technology (the national research and development agency) as the FS* seed project under a-step (seamless transformation of goal-driven r&d results).It is reported, this kind of seed project is supported by Japan science and technology department, according to the academic research and the technique of "seed" correlation degree, combined by academia and enterprises to carry out the feasibility and application research, in order to realize technology from theory to practical applications, from laboratory to production, to achieve effective use of technology and form the core technology.

Since sumitomo rubber entered the Chinese market in 2002, sumitomo rubber and its two major tire brands (Dunlop tire and feili tire) have been continuously oriented to consumer demand, providing satisfactory product experience for consumers.In the future, sumitomo rubber industry will continue to make efforts to promote this research, develop new core technologies, lead the tire industry, and build scientific and technological strength.