Dow is not irreplaceable. These businesses are emerging quietly

- Jun 25, 2019-

Since dow chemical threw out of a domestic * enterprise "supply" "Fried medicine news", "domestic goods when self-improvement" appeal sounded again!

Dow is awesome, but not irreplaceable!

Now, dow's replacement products are appearing in some big companies at home and abroad.


Dow chemical, founded in 1897, is a century-old global industrial powerhouse, as important to the chemical industry as Google is to the Internet.

At the end of 2015, dow and dupont, two global chemical giants, merged, and the combined dow and dupont market value exceeded $150 billion, setting a record for the merger of the global scale at that time *. Basf of Germany, which surpassed the market value of the original chemical industry *, became the new leader of chemical enterprises.

In April 2019, Dow DuPont announced that it would spin off into three companies: the new Dow, which focuses on materials science; the new DuPont, which focuses on specialty products; and the new cortevagriscience, which will spin off in June.

As a diversified company, dow successfully builds its core competitive advantage in the global chemical industry by virtue of its strong technological innovation ability, channel integration ability and capital innovation ability.

According to historical data, dow's influence on China has formed a huge industrial system, penetrating into all aspects of the industry.

As a global comprehensive chemical enterprise and a giant of organic silicon, dow's products cover a variety of electronic chemicals. In addition, dow is also the world's leading CMP polishing pad material, a key consumable material for CMP process of silicon wafers, with a market share of more than 90% of the world.

One of the industries that dow's "disconnection of supply" affects China's high-tech is the CMP industry, which is in a monopolistic position. However, the "disconnection of supply" disturbance has also aroused the attention of all circles on the localization of CMP.

Due to the high technical threshold of the CMP polishing mat market, there are few players in the global market.

However, although dow CMP polishing pad is the world leader, but it is not unattainable, there are some giants quietly rising!

According to the association, 62 new fabs will be put into operation globally between 2017 and 2020, and 26 will be in mainland China, accounting for 42%.

Polishing pad, as the upstream semiconductor material, will benefit a lot in this round of industrial transfer. Domestic materials have obvious advantages in price and service, so domestic substitutes are indispensable.

Among them, domestic CMP polishing mat pioneer, dinglong shares have announced the planned capacity of up to 500,000 pieces, in May 29, dow announced "cut off", dinglong shares of the stock also immediately trading limit!

Some foreign giant enterprises are also ready to develop, such as wak enterprises, KCC vajrayon chemical, ecken organic silicon, shinetsu chemical industry co., LTD.

Founded in 1914, wacker chemicals, is a global chemical company, about 17000 employees, the business sector include: the electronic material (Siltronic), wacker organic silicon (WACKERSILICONES), wacker polymers (WACKERPOLYMERS), wacker polysilicon (WACKERPOLYSILICON) and wacker biotechnology (WACKERBIOSOLUTIONS).

Total sales of more than 3,200 products, with more than 3,500 customers.

KCC vajrayon, a coatings and building materials manufacturer based in South Korea, ranks third in Asia and ninth in the world.

Its products are widely used in automobile, shipping, container, industry, color steel and construction industries, with an annual output of 150,000 tons of coatings and 400,000 tons of synthetic resin.

KCC has 13 factories and a construction company in South Korea, and its ulsan plant ranks among the world's largest *.

We have wholly owned enterprises in China, Singapore and Malaysia, and processing enterprises in America and Europe.

With more than 60 years of expertise in organic silicon, econ organosilicon serves the market in various fields, including cosmetics, electronics, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, architecture, textile coatings and so on.

Econ manufactures a wide range of silicone products, including release coatings, engineered elastomers, specialty emulsions, silicone oils and resins.

Xinyue chemical industry co., LTD., a raw material manufacturer, has made great achievements in the research and production of high quality organic silicon products worldwide since it launched the manufacture and sale of organic silicon 50 years ago.

Globally, the proportion of sales of semiconductor materials in China is increasing year by year. In 2018, the sales volume in the mainland reached us $8.44 billion, accounting for 16.25% of the global market.

Under the current situation, it is imperative for domestic enterprises to break the blockade of key semiconductor materials abroad, including silicon wafer, mask plate, photoresist, wet electronic chemicals, target materials, CMP polishing materials, electronic gas and other fields.

However, domestic leading enterprises invest a long time in research and development, accumulate profound accumulation, and master certain core technologies, which are expected to gradually break the foreign monopoly and achieve domestic replacement.