Dr. Wu xian-liang, vice President and managing director of aosheng DE global * : the future development space of the trend

- May 28, 2019-

May 21-24, 2019, the 33rd China international plastics and rubber industry exhibition (Chinaplas 2019) in guangzhou pazhou China import and export fair pavilion held as scheduled!

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated nylon 66 products and a global supplier of high quality plastics, fibers and specialty chemicals, osd functional materials (osd) held a media event during the exhibition.

Dr. Ng hsien-liang, vice President and managing director, Asia Pacific, osd global *

Dr. Ng hsien-liang, vice President and managing director, Asia Pacific, osd global *

During the exhibition, the "wisdom living room" column reporter conducted an in-depth interview with Dr. Wu xianliang, vice President and managing director of Asia Pacific region of aoshengde global *.

Dr. Wu xianliang has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. Prior to joining aosheng, he held executive management positions in other internationally renowned chemical companies. He also served as an advisory member of the international exchange and foreign enterprises committee of China petroleum and chemical industry federation and the international chemical manufacturers association.

It is learned that aosheng DE recently officially became a member of the foreign investment committee of China petroleum and chemical federation (cpci.mnc), and also became a member of China petroleum and chemical federation (CPCIF).

In the interview, Dr. Wu xianliang said that our country's nylon 66 development demand is higher than the world, and its market growth rate is also among the best.

On the one hand, China's economic development and GDP growth in 2018 are 6.6 percent year-on-year, higher than the world average.

On the other hand, nylon 66 is widely used in the automotive industry, especially the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market, which also drives the market demand for nylon 66.

According to statistics, China's electric vehicle market share increased from 2.1% to 4.2% in 2018.

For the second year in a row, the government has intervened to boost production and sales of electric cars.

China accounted for more than 55 percent of the world's electric vehicle sales last year.

In addition, nylon 66 also has great potential in some fields such as electronic connectors.

"Nylon 66 has higher potential in China than other countries in the future, and it has more potential than some other engineering plastics in the future, because its unique comprehensive properties can replace many other plastics, which we are optimistic about now *," said Dr. Wu.

Application of nylon 66 in automobile industry

Nylon 66 is mainly used in automotive, mechanical industry, electronic and electrical, precision instruments and other fields.

From the point of view of * end use, automotive industry consumption of nylon 66 *, electrical and electronic accounted for the second.

The automobile industry is paying more and more attention to the lightweight of automobiles. Nylon 66 is widely used in various automobile applications. In addition to the numerous applications of engineering plastics based on nylon 66, it also includes tire cord cloth, airbag and cable binding belt of automobiles.

Because of its high strength, excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and easy processing, nylon 66 has been widely used in the automobile industry. At present, it can be used in almost all key parts of the automobile, such as engine periphery, electrical system and body.

Xian-liang wu, "said Dr Due to auto industry market demand directly affect the market demand of nylon 66, and as the car industry upgrading, the living standards of people's life gradually improve, people bought the car more and more, from ordinary configuration car becomes more and more good, the car is more and more big, the configuration is becoming more and more luxury, which is advantageous to the development demand of engineering plastics.

The better the car, the greater the demand for engineering plastics will be, and the comprehensive performance of nylon 66 will be reflected in the development trend of automotive industry upgrading * big advantages.

For the materials used in new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles, there are both similarities and differences.

Doctor wu xianliang told reporters that the automotive industry generally pursue lightweight, especially new energy vehicles, because everyone buy electric vehicles * to run far, charge a run of 1000 km is good, but now can run 500 km is also very good, although some people say it is difficult to do so far, but the future everything is possible.

To go far is to make the body lighter, so the body material requirements are higher.

"For the particularity of the materials used in new energy vehicles, such as batteries, the original conventional fuel car is not battery-powered, while the new energy vehicles need to be equipped with a very heavy battery module.

Battery working for a long time leads to heating, the temperature around the battery is extremely high, and its special properties such as electrical conductivity, so the plastic covering the battery is very demanding.

Based on the high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics of nylon 66, aoshengde developed some unique nylon 66 modified products for the unique requirements of new energy vehicles.

"Nylon 66 is a great choice for both conventional and new energy vehicles.

Dr. Wu xianliang said.

Electronic, electrical, mechanical equipment field

As electronic electrical and mechanical equipment industry's growing demand for high performance, Mr DE nylon 66 products with its excellent flame retardancy, superior mechanical and processing properties, its market demand also constantly growing, widely used in connectors, relays, switches, plugs, shell, cable, insulator, transformer, etc.

In addition, aosheng also develops some new products, namely 5G digital connection. 5G brings great market demand for engineering plastics, especially engineering plastics with high mechanical strength, such as nylon 66.

As 5G communications become more frequent, some parts that could be made of metal will no longer work, so plastic will be used instead.

For this reason, the trend of "replacing steel with plastic" has greatly increased the utilization rate of nylon 66.

Other consumer goods and industrial sectors

Using the creep resistance and chemical resistance of nylon 66, a series of daily necessities can be produced, such as non-toughened nylon 66 injection molded gas lighters and aerosol nozzles, solar lenses, combs, buttons and so on.

The toughened nylon 66 is used to make skates, skis, tennis rackets, wire covers and other hardwearing products.

Glass fiber reinforced and toughened nylon 66 is used in the production of bicycle wheels and tool handles.

In addition, it is widely used in furniture, construction and packaging industry, and the market development prospect is expected.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated nylon 66 products, the unique vertical integrated production system of nylon 66 value chain ensures the company can consistently provide customers with high-quality and reliable product solutions.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, osd has nine branches in the world, including five integrated production bases in the southeast of the United States and one engineering plastics production base in Europe. Osd is committed to the technical innovation and safety production of nylon 66.

Dr Xian-liang wu also said: "Mr DE announced in May 2018, 180000 tons of adiponitrile (ADN) capacity expansion plans, in the past 18 months, Mr Up on its own technology and the superiority resources has achieved 90000 tons of production capacity expansion, is now set about purchasing a new batch of key equipment in the second quarter, with cogeneration, support the new 90000 tons of production capacity expansion, the project will be finished before 2021.

We have always been optimistic about the development prospect of nylon 66 industry, of course, we are also very confident that it will become bigger and bigger!"