Dupont photovoltaic solutions releases new Fortasun™ photovoltaic silicone materials

- Jun 14, 2019-

The original dow corning organic silicon products are now renamed Fortasun™ and include dupont photovoltaic materials solutions.Its excellent performance has been verified by outdoor performance for more than 30 years, which can reduce the cost per kilowatt hour.

At the 2019 SNEC solar pv expo in Shanghai recently, dupont pv solutions announced the introduction of a brand new dubon ™Fortasun™ photovoltaic silicone materials for its flagship Tedlar® backplate materials and Solamet® conductive slurry.

With decades of rich experience in dow corning, the brand new photovoltaic organic silicon product series includes sealants, adhesives, potting agents, encapsulants and conductive adhesives, all of which have the same excellent performance and reliability of dupont.

These products have been used in photovoltaic applications for more than 30 years, and now they have a brand new name, Fortasun™.

Dan Barish, global business manager for TCS and pv organosilicon,

"The new line of organic silicon products, Fortasun™, represents high quality and reliability, and is as reliable as our Tedlar® and Solamet® brands, which have been proven outdoors for more than 30 years."

He also said Fortasun™ improves the durability, stability, efficiency and overall performance of photovoltaic modules and helps reduce kilowatt hour and long-term cost of ownership.

Fortasun™ durability includes protection against delamination and corrosion.This helps the performance of photovoltaic modules achieve the expected return on the customer's investment in photovoltaic systems.

Fortasun™ also offers long-lasting uv stability, a high thermal conductivity formula, high adhesion strength to minimize moisture failures, and electrical insulation.

Barish points out that dupont ™Fortasun™ adhesives and sealants are proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that they meet the world's energy needs.It also helps reduce the risk of performance degradation due to environmental factors, significantly extending the life of photovoltaic modules and solar concentrator cells.

"We believe that materials are the key," he said. "by bringing photovoltaic silicone materials to the market, we can help make a qualitative leap in the long-term performance of the modules over their lifetime."

Products under the Fortasun™ brand

Sealants and adhesives

The performance level of silicone sealant and adhesive in the application of frame sealing and junction box bonding is superior to other technologies, with a series of advantages such as moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, immune machinery and thermal shock.

Potting agent

Silica gel sealant has unique characteristics and advantages, making it an ideal choice for solar energy industry.They provide a unique double insurance for the reliability and durability of photovoltaic junction boxes and other applications.

Encapsulating agent

Silicone packaging can protect solar modules from corrosion and delamination, which not only extends the service life of the modules, but also ensures better power output and significantly improves the level and efficiency of power generation.

Orbital bonding

The performance of silicone adhesive is better than that of typical photovoltaic adhesive tape in the application of orbital adhesion, which can provide excellent adhesion force for glass and photovoltaic substrate.This enhanced structural strength and durability provides better overall protection and weather resistance.