EVA hot melt adhesive winter brittle,Here's the problem

- Jul 04, 2019-

EVA hot melt adhesive

Usually refers to its solid state at room temperature, when heated to a certain temperature will melt into viscous liquid, coating wetting was sticky, after pressing, cooling to room temperature in a few seconds to complete the adhesive, and has a strong bonding effect.

EVA hot melt adhesive common raw materials: EVA resin, viscosity resin, wax, antioxidant, color filler.EVA hot melt adhesive common products: book binding adhesive, furniture edge sealing adhesive, packaging adhesive, mattress adhesive, paper money hot melt adhesive, toys hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive and so on.

ot melt adhesive winter brittle problem description

Into the winter, EVA furniture edge sealing hot melt adhesive bonding in PVC edge strip after the temperature drop, the adhesive layer will become brittle and hard, edge sealing strip pull will occur cracking phenomenon.


To ensure the consistency and bonding strength of hot melt adhesive, reduce hot melt adhesive Tg, reduce the use of wax, reduce the hardness of hot melt adhesive, enhance the flexibility of hot melt adhesive (add a small amount of plasticizer, add a small amount of SBS resin, etc.).

Table 3 to solve the winter do not brittle EVA hot melt adhesive formula adjustment

Table 3 is not crisp winter EVA hot melt adhesive formulation adjustment, after the adjustment formula phthalate plasticizer was added fat, increase the flexibility and low temperature resistance of the samples, but only to add plasticizer will lower cohesion and bond strength of hot-melt adhesive, so will change EVA810 EVA800 and improve the content, and by reducing the content of polyethylene wax to increase the bond strength, with softening point is 100 ℃ of C5 / C9 copolymerized resin instead of softening point is 120 ℃ the softening point of C9 tree to reduce viscosity resin, SBS and add good low temperature resistance,The final formula is adjusted to meet the requirements of no brittle winter EVA hot melt adhesive with excellent performance.