Evonik TROGAMID ® CX is solid to casio new sports watch

- May 25, 2019-

To find can meet its latest G - SHOCK ® MUDMASTER series digital wrist watch the performance requirements of materials, CASIO Japanese technology company (CASIO) in harsh conditions, for more than 40 plastic materials was tested.With the unique combination of performance, evonik high performance plastic TROGAMID ® CX become the only material pass the test.

Before the new MUDMASTER series was launched in July, a team of about 30 eppon specialists tested it in action at the "MUDMASTER" obstacle course in weitz, Germany, on the lower Rhine.As it turned out, the new watch survived a series of tests during the mud fight in mid-may.

Mud, sweat, and a broad smile are the most common close-up shots of the masters of the clay.Since 2012, the event has become a popular event in Western Europe.In fact, "dirt master" is no ordinary sporting event."You were dragged in the mud."Sports enthusiast Dirk Heinrich said.Heinrich is also an expert in evonik polymers.Athletes also have to pass through challenging obstacle courses, which require both people and equipment to perform at their best.

As exciting as the mud master looks, finishing the race is no easy task."In addition to endurance, you need better physical fitness and balance control to cope with all obstacles.And many of the obstacles are unpredictable, "Heinrich explained.Preparations for each game vary and sometimes require unconventional training methods."I used to jog in the woods, on slag heaps, with a 15-kilogram piece of wood on my shoulder."

High performance materials for extreme conditions

About 30 employees from wintron's high-performance polymer business line participated in this year's competition."We were a bunch of sedentary office clerks, traveling salesmen and eager engineers -- what a wonderful combination."Heinrich said.Heinrich completed his first military parkour class at weitzer five years ago, and has since gradually persuaded colleagues to get involved.This time, a team of experts from ewin polymer completed the 18-kilometer "ninja" run.The key to success obviously lies in teamwork, working together to achieve common goals.

"Focusing on running time is always a habit for deep runners," Heinrich said with a smile as he looked at his digital watch with mud on his left wrist.It is the casio new G - SHOCK ® MUDMASTER in a series, able to handle all kinds of extreme situations perfectly.Its secret is indestructible, USES the transparent evonik high performance polyamide TROGAMID ® CX materials.

"For over 30 years, the G SHOCK ® as a SHOCK watches is famous in the world, the total has sold millions," Hajime casio product engineering department manager Mr Iguchi said."We've been able to create a particularly strong digital watch that's uv resistant and mudproof. That's the new MUDMASTER.It performs well even under extreme conditions.

This watch has adopted based on evonik TROGAMID ® CX shield "carbon core" structure of materials.The permanent transparent high-performance polyamide material has excellent uv protection and high resistance to mechanical stress or chemical substances.Over the years, it has been successfully used in sports, leisure, automobile, cosmetics, medical equipment and optical industries.

Successfully passed rigorous material testing

Casio's engineers tested 40 different plastics."Evonik TROGAMID ® CX in mechanical strength and high degrees of freedom of design meet the most stringent requirements, apply to the precise structure of our products.""Mr. Iguchi said.

Casio's new shockproof "carbon core shield" structural system is composed of a light and exceptionally hard shell and a new dust and mud resistant structure, which can provide strong protection for the modular unit of the new digital watch.The combination of a new design and a strong combination of innovative high-performance materials has led to stronger products and more sophisticated designs, such as a button-free device.

"Performance and design are the most important demands that the sports industry continues to make to specialty chemical solution providers like evonik," said Dr. Iordanis Savvopoulos, director of evonik's high performance polymer line pellet and blend product line.As a member of the team, he also participated in the weitzer "mud master" obstacle course."A better understanding of what our customers are looking for in their products can help us provide them with highly customized high-performance plastics in a more professional manner."Wearing the new casio watch to this year's weitzer mud fight was our ultimate practical test."This is another testament to our expertise in polymer design.

"Five years ago, I was standing here alone.Today, we are a strong team of 30 people.I am looking forward to my future training.Heinrichs, head to toe in mud.

Casio was adopted in 2012 evonik transparent polyamide material as its G - SHOCK ® models of component materials.Compared with metal, evonik TROGAMID ® CX materials with light weight, excellent chemical resistance, high transparency, suitable for light color, strong impact resistance, etc.The year also saw the start of e&c's adventure in the mud master.