Factory out of the ghost technician ant move type theft 5 tons of plastic particles

- Jul 30, 2019-

Recently, in a company of industry and trade in beiguan industrial park of jiaozhou city, a figure often throws bags of goods out of the wall in the middle of the night, and then goes back to work silently.

All this happens "god knows, the devil does not know", and this series of "ant move" type of small action in the continuous half a year later, the truth finally collapsed like a nest...

At about 14 o 'clock on July 20, 2019, wang xx, the person in charge of an industry and trade company in beiguan industrial park of jiaozhou city, went to the beiguan police station of the public security bureau of jiaozhou city to report to the police that his company found about 5 tons of plastic particles missing in the half-year inventory of raw materials, worth more than 50,000 yuan.

Police received a report, immediately rushed to the scene for investigation.

Police through field survey found that the company have security guards, the company's Windows and doors are all intact, and the company around the wall and no traces of climbing, 5 tons of plastic particle weight is very heavy, could not all at once, so that is the cunning thief how to so many raw materials in the environment of "disappear"?

The case handling police sorted out and screened the vehicles in and out of the company and the employees involved in the possible extraction of raw materials one by one, with the focus on the video monitoring around the enterprise. After analysis, the case handling police thought that there was a "ghost" inside the company, and the possibility of theft in batches was relatively large.

After careful investigation, found a silver gray van appeared on the road south of the enterprise for many times, the appearance is very suspicious.

After the enterprise head identified, the van is the company technician liu xx (male, 29 years old, heze people).

After further work, the police found that liu has a major crime suspect.

July 20 at about 7 p.m., police after the case by squatting point waiting, at the company gate will come to the night liu xx arrested.


In front of a lot of evidence, liu truthfully confessed the crime of stealing 5 tons of plastic particles from the company in batches since February 2019.

After further examination and found out: liu xx in the company workshop as a maintenance machine technician, he often a person on the night shift, the company's raw materials plastic particles and production machinery in a large workshop, whenever night falls, liu xx guarding a workshop "baby" to figure out what to do.

In the interests of temptation, liu decided to take risks.

In order not to let the company find out, liu took advantage of the night shift to steal three or four bags of plastic particles from the workshop and throw them out of the wall, and then drove them home or sold them to waste collection points during the night shift.

In this way, liu so-and-so through the "ant move type" means of theft more than 50 times, * eventually a little makes a big difference, even stole more than 5 tons.

What you don't know you have to do.

Liu so-and-so thought he did "god, no one knows", did not expect or planted in their own greed.

At present, liu so-and-so to theft by the criminal detention, suspected of receiving stolen goods zhang so-and-so also to cover up, concealing the proceeds of the crime was released on bail pending trial.