Flexible automotive parts note that toray is pushing new high elastic PPS resins

- Apr 10, 2019-

Toray recently announced the successful development of a new polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin with high elasticity and excellent heat and chemical resistance.

The company plans to start promoting the resin's main applications in the automotive sector in April, and will continue to expand its use in various industrial materials.

PPS resin is a super engineering plastic with excellent heat and chemical resistance, and its sales increase by about 7% per year.

It is widely used in automotive applications where heat, light and high strength materials are required to replace metals, while PPS resin containing elastomers can be used in automotive applications where flexible functions are required, such as gaskets and automotive pipe fittings.

However, it is not easy to increase the flexibility of PPS resin while maintaining heat and chemical resistance, and the development of PPS resin with high flexibility has been a difficult problem in the industry for many years.

Toray has successfully developed a new type of PPS resin, its high elastic modulus * 1200 MPa, this is because the toray applied innovative design to optimize the structure of polymer materials, materials and the innovation is based on the database of toray many years accumulation of technology and the proprietary nanoalloy ® alloy precision control technology.

New PPS resin even after 1000 hours of 170 ℃ high temperature processing its mechanical strength is still the same, at the same time, has confirmed that the resin coolant with high resistance of acid and cars, it is necessary in the actual operation environment.

Toray is also verifying machinability for automotive piping deployment and resin performance optimization.

Toray has started to promote the resin as a material for automotive pipe fittings, and is preparing a resin production system to promote the material in all aspects.