Focus on things like garbage sorting

- Jul 30, 2019-

Shanghai on July 22 (xinhua shi wu a navigation) in accordance with the spirit from July 1 to now, in just three weeks of Shanghai municipality on implementing the regulations they sort the garbage time, fully withdraw barrel, timing of delivery, the classification of the "four barrels" "hard constraints" measures, such as for most citizens don't call things, garbage classification has become a kind of living habits.

The community has become more and more beautiful, the streets have become cleaner, and the smiles on the faces of the residents have become more and more...

One by one, "answer sheets" recording citizens' active participation in garbage sorting were filled out.

Classified release supervision busy, smart devices to help

Garbage classification information platform, multi-functional access card, intelligent garbage wing, intelligent sorting and recycling machine...

When the reporter visited, he found that many communities through comprehensive treatment, residents garbage classification participation rate almost reached *.

Moreover, many communities have also added some "hard core" equipment, not only can the community garbage classification for 24 hours without supervision, but also to provide more convenience for residents of garbage delivery.

The real-time data of garbage collection and disposal shows that the whole process of tracking and tracing the source of garbage, without classification, will "escape the law".

On the garbage wing of tianlin 12th village, xuhui district, an electronic screen, relying on the data system of the smart community platform, updates and announces the total amount of wet garbage in the community, the amount of wet garbage per household, the clearance plate and the clearance time and other related information.

Through the series of data published on the electronic screen, residents can intuitively feel the change of the amount of wet garbage in the residential area every day. With the continuous expansion of the awareness of this data, residents' sense of "acquisition" and "sense of identity" are also improving, and the progress of garbage classification is getting smoother.

Zhao guoqing, secretary of the general party branch of tianlin 12th village, introduced that relying on the smart community platform, the transformed "intelligent" garbage room will "bind" the real-name authentication of the access control card and garbage room, residents swipe the card to put garbage, the management platform automatically register the garbage room card user, swipe the card times and automatically into the green account.

According to the life demand of dweller, the effective put in time of setting of each door card is different also, be not in appoint put in time to brush card, dustbin room won't "ignore".

In addition, each bin house and drop window are equipped with a set of matching cameras, which are connected to the smart community platform.

The smart trash can in the "two-network integration recycling service point" of fudan community, liangcheng new village street, hongkou district, not only has its own weighing system, but also can conduct big data analysis.

Residents in the garbage delivery period, swipe the card to release, the system automatically weighing the bag of garbage and points.

In addition, the system can also record and analyze the release data of each household, and provide feedback in the background when abnormal fluctuations occur.

Shanghai afforest city appearance bureau expresses concerned controller, the use of intelligent equipment is helpful to change the rubbish of dweller to put in habit, make dustbin room from the dependence that guards to cleaner, volunteer on duty, turn gradually to unmanned, self-help change development.

"One policy for one district" meets the humanized needs of residents

Since July, the garbage cans located on the floor and downstairs as well as at various points in the community have been removed one after another in various communities in Shanghai. Residents can only put their garbage in the specified places at the specified time when they need to throw their garbage. "7am to 9am, 6pm to 8pm" is chosen by many communities as the opening time of garbage delivery points.

For office workers who leave early and go home late, or elderly people living alone, garbage delivery time is always "perfect" missed.

For some residents unable to achieve "timing" due to objective reasons, the community committees are also doing everything possible to help residents solve the problem.

Fudan community, liangcheng new village street, hongkou district, plans to set up a "convenient garbage delivery point" at the gate of the community. The opening time is half an hour to one hour earlier than the regulation, so that residents who leave early can throw garbage at the wrong peak.

Xuhui district tianlin twelve village community committee to all households in the community "a first class" row touch registration, after verification, for the need of residents access control card to open an unconventional period of garbage permit;

Maotai garden community in changning district provides volunteer service for old people living alone and other special groups.

Zhang zhenyuan, who lives in no. 2 building of maotai huayuan community in changning district, is a member of the community's volunteer service team. Aiming at the elderly families with limited mobility in the community, he takes the initiative to provide garbage service for them and works for at least four or five hours every day.

His family is very understanding and supportive of his volunteer work. His son, who is just starting college, hopes that "dad should pay more attention to rest when he does volunteer work, so as not to exhaust himself."

After several discussions among residents, * finally established the construction locations of three garbage delivery points in kangpujingting community, chonggu town, qingpu district.

There are also several convenient trails that map out the route for garbage delivery that takes less than three minutes to walk.

"The 'fixed time and fixed point' is not a simple way to remove barrels. We need to discuss the implementation plan with the residents.

Full communication among residents, property owners and neighborhood committees is also a process of publicity."

Xu zhiping, director of the environmental protection department of Shanghai city greening city appearance bureau, said that more than 1,000 households in the community, floor bucket set up the community, no garbage wing housing no property and so on, the community type is diverse, the implementation plan is different, can not "one size does not cut".

The "fixed time" garbage delivery should not only strictly implement rigid constraints, but also give full consideration to the needs of residents and provide more humane services.

Garbage can be turned into treasure as long as it is well sorted

In the past, odorous wet rubbish was sorted out and thrown "far away" by residents.

Now not the same, many communities have achieved "wet garbage not out of the community door", in the community was "digestion" out.

In the central garden of yutai jingyuan residential area in hongkou district, two special places for "eating wet garbage" have been opened up -- "compost garden" and "one-meter vegetable garden".

After a period of fermentation, the wet waste is turned into "ecological fertilizer" for growing flowers and vegetables. Residents have witnessed the fruits and vegetables turn into fertilizer and can eat the organic vegetables.

There is also a small garden at the gate of lane 209, guangling second road, liangcheng xincun street, hongkou district. In order to let residents take the initiative to clean up their pet waste, volunteers placed "earthworm composting tower" in the garden.

After residents throw their pet waste in, it is swallowed by red worms and turned into fertilizer for small gardens.

"We will strive to build a community of community life that is jointly built, jointly managed and Shared by all, so that the new fashion of garbage sorting will take root and become a trend in the community.

Jointly create a harmonious atmosphere of 'cool city, enjoy cool city'."

Hongkou district liangcheng xincun street deputy director han xiaofeng said.

If you think that's all wet trash does, you're wrong.

* new statistics show that Shanghai currently has the capacity to recycle 5,050 tons of wet waste per day.

If according to 1 ton wet rubbish produces the firedamp of 60 70 cubic metre about to calculate, every 7 8 kilograms wet rubbish can send 1 kilowatt hour electricity.

However, in order to achieve effective biological treatment of wet waste, the key is that the purity of wet waste must reach more than 90%, that is to say, in a bucket of wet waste, the doping degree of other waste cannot be higher than 10%.

Many Shanghai residents may not know that 25 million kilowatt-hours of electricity they have used in the past 30 months is actually produced by themselves.

With the gradual improvement of citizens' awareness of garbage classification and further enhancement of terminal disposal capacity, in the future, more wet waste will be transformed into a steady stream of green energy, "feeding" thousands of households.

Garbage classification is important in the long run.

The whole city of Shanghai is actively cultivating the good habit of garbage classification, making efforts to improve the living environment, making contributions to the green development and sustainable development, being the pioneer and walking in the new fashion of garbage classification.