For industry, kitchenware and coatings, wintek recently launched three new types of resin

- Nov 14, 2019-

Recently, win innovation announced its innovative resin research results.

Silicone for large industrial projects: room temperature curing and high temperature resistance

Provides excellent color stability

High temperature resistance, up to 650°C

It is a solvent free product

Win innovation introduces methyl silicone SILIKOPHEN® AC 1000 specially developed for high-temperature applications in large-scale industrial projects.

It has extremely high economy, suitable for pipeline, industrial factory, family fireplace and other applications, the main performance characteristics are high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Normally, such coatings need to be cured at high temperatures.

This limits their use on large projects.

In contrast, the SILIKOPHEN® AC 1000 can solidify at room temperature while maintaining antiseptic properties at elevated temperatures.

High content of alkoxy functional groups, combined with a specific wuxi catalyst, produce hydrolyzation-condensation reaction, so the system can be cross-linked at room temperature.

The low viscosity of the resin makes the solvent-free formulation easy to achieve.

In addition, the new product also provides excellent color stability.

Its inorganic content is very high, VOC content is very low.

No benzene is produced during the heating phase or during continuous operation, and the smoke produced is minimized.

A new water-based silicone heat-resistant resin for kitchen utensils and cookers

Provide excellent performance combination: sustainability, high performance, easy to use

· applicable to food contact applications

Colour kitchen utensils are in vogue.

Bright red, deep blue, bright yellow...

In fact, all kinds of POTS and pans are not only a functional tool, but also a design feature.

This gives the outer coating a double requirement: to ensure the pot has a beautiful appearance but also to make it durable.

Heat-resistant coatings are certainly not new to cooking and baking appliances.

But up to now, heat - resistant coating is almost the use of solvent - based coating products.

Based on this, win create specially for waterborne coatings development and launch a more environmentally friendly silicone resin, can effectively replace the current solvent resin, to meet the increasingly strict environmental requirements in China.

The new SILIKOFTAL® HTW 3 is a heat-resistant silicone resin that meets all the requirements of a sustainable formulation: it contains no organic solvents, thus significantly reducing VOC content from production to application.

Silikoftal®HTW 3 can be used as an integral part of the external coating for food contact applications.

According to GHS regulations, the silicone resin is not classified as dangerous goods.

The combination of high performance, ease of use and availability for food contact makes this product unique in the market.

Because Silikoftal®HTW 3 can be combined with a variety of pigments, it can be used in any application that requires baking coatings, giving customers more freedom in designing coating formulations.

For example, toasters or other household appliances.

In addition, the product can withstand heat up to 200 °C.

The flash point above 90 °C also provides storage and transport advantages.

"Our Silikoftal®HTW 3 products meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements," said Maximilian Morin, director of marketing for avicron coatings additives industrial coatings.

"Active r&d efforts have yielded good results, which is a good example of evsun's efforts to expand its product portfolio and provide more environmentally friendly products."

New silicone modified polyester resin SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1 with low silicon content

Achieve the best balance between performance and cost

Suitable for food contact applications

Evtek launched a new silicone modified polyester resin SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1.

The product achieves the ideal balance of performance and cost: although it contains only 10% silicone, it provides reliable and lasting protection for cookers and kitchenware.

The solvent resin is not only heat resistant, but also has a series of other advantages.

For example, SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1 has good adhesion to all kinds of metals, including stainless steel and aluminum, and also provides good post-coating forming properties.

Evtek will launch this new product for the first time at the China international paint exhibition in November.

When used for exterior coating, the product conforms to relevant food contact regulations and can be widely used in a variety of application fields of baking coatings.

SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1 is free of aromatic and chloride solvents.

This new product is also very versatile in that it is easy to combine with pigments, which means that it can be used in color coatings, dark coatings and applications requiring gloss, as well as enjoying long-lasting protection.

SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1 coatings are dishwasher washable and also suitable for other silicone modified polyester resin coatings.

The launch of this new product further expands the existing product portfolio of organosilicon modified polyester resin, providing the best solution for various application needs.

In addition, the combination of the above products also includes water - based silicone modified polyester resin.

"Genertron continues to develop new solutions for our customers," said Maximilian Morin, director of marketing for genertron coatings additives industrial coatings.

"The new product SILIKOFTAL® HTL 1 demonstrates that technical requirements and cost requirements can be balanced."