Foreign garbage follow-up: to gold and silver mountain, India will eventually become a panpan man, China refused to accept garbage gladly

- Jul 24, 2019-

Developing countries have long pumped most of their own solid waste into the developing world for cost and environmental reasons.But as public awareness of environmental protection rises, China has officially implemented a ban on foreign waste.With the ban in place, many rich countries are suffering.

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Once China for its own economic development, a large number of "foreign garbage".From 1995 to 2016, China received 4.5 million tons to 45 million tons of "foreign garbage" in 20 years.But with economic progress and environmental protection and other factors, China has issued a "foreign garbage" ban.

This ban makes the waste of developed countries such as Europe and the United States only accumulate in the domestic, there is no place to "export", South Korea because of this ban caused their garbage mountain burned for three months.

Developed countries are scrambling to find the next country to pick up the mantle, and our Asian neighbor, "India," is eager to pick up the mantle.After we refused to accept "foreign garbage", India took up the banner.Now the domestic situation of India is very similar to that of us at the beginning. With a large population base and urgent need of resources for the economic development of India, "foreign garbage" has become an important link in their economic development.

In fact, India used to be a big importer of foreign garbage.When China imposed the ban, India said: I will take your extra rubbish.

But can India bite off so much?

Answer: very difficult.

In just one month, a huge mountain of garbage has formed in the Indian city of Delhi, baswane, as the country's recycling rate has not reached a high level since India began accepting more foreign waste.

But between economic growth and environmental pollution, India is clearly leaning towards the former.

Despite this, many Indian officials have expressed their willingness to accept the "foreign garbage".Their own choice of road, with tears in their eyes, how to deal with such a huge amount of foreign garbage needs indians to use their own brains.