Fusible core injection molding, have you encountered

- Nov 08, 2019-

The basic principle of fusible core injection molding is that the fusible core is cast into fusible core with low-melting point alloy, then the fusible core is put into the mold as an insert for injection molding, and the parts containing the core are taken out from the mold cavity after cooling, and then the core is melted by heating to form hollow products.

Fusible injection molding can be used for plastic parts that are structurally difficult to mold, such as hollow products with complex shapes such as automobile pipelines and intake and exhaust manifolds.

Fusible core injection molding technology is as follows:

Cast mold core with low melting point metal → put into mold injection → take out the product with mold core → heat melting core → clean the product → products.

At present, fusible core injection molding technology has only accumulated some experience in PA66, preliminary experimental research shows that PA6, PBT, PET, PPO, etc. are also suitable for fusible core injection molding.

Sn-Bi and Sn-Pb low melting point alloys are often used for fusible core materials.

The melted core is generally heated by oil and induction coil.

Advantages of fusible core injection molding:

1, especially suitable for the production of complex shape, hollow, not suitable for mechanical processing of composite materials products.

2. Hollow plastic parts have accurate internal size and smooth surface, which cannot be realized by normal methods.

3. Compared with blow molding and gas-assisted injection molding, although equipment for casting fusible core and equipment for melting core should be added, the existing injection molding machine can be fully utilized and the molding freedom is relatively large.

Notes for core injection molding process:

1, plastic parts injection molding core can not be melted.

2. The metal melt used to melt the core and the medium used to melt the core will not corrode the plastic.

3. At the temperature of the melted core, the workpiece will not be deformed