Giant eagle, an American supermarket, has announced plans to phase out single-use plastic

- Dec 21, 2019-

Giant Eagle, the us supermarket Giant, has announced it will phase out single-use plastic in all its operations by 2025, including plastic bags, straws, disposable food containers and bottled drinks.

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Giant eagle will roll out short - term specific target actions over the next few months.

First, the company says it will begin a pilot program to eliminate single-use plastic bags in its Pittsburgh, Ohio, Cuyahoga and Bexley markets beginning in January 2020.

In Pittsburgh, the six-month pilot program will begin at giant eagle's Waterworks Market District store.

To encourage customers to use reusable bags, giant eagle will offer a limited-time promotion in which consumers will receive a discount of $0.99 for each reusable bag they choose, and a 10-cent fee for choosing a paper bag.

"When my great-grandfather and four other founders started eagle nearly 90 years ago, they wanted to improve the lives of the people in the community."

Great eagle CEO and President Laura Shapira Karet said in a statement.

"Protecting the earth's environment for future generations is a key way for us to keep that promise today."

In addition to the pilot program, giant eagle plans to phase out its plastic bags at all stores in Pittsburgh in the coming months.

The move will complement the city's plan to provide free recycling bins for all families.

Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto said in a statement: "I commend giant eagle's commitment to eliminate single-use plastics by 2025 as a major step forward in addressing the challenges facing Pittsburgh in the quality of waste and recycling."

"Achieving the city's climate action goals requires strong strategic partnerships and bold actions like this."

He added.