Global *3D printed carbon fiber integrated bicycle frame * was unveiled

- Jun 25, 2019-

Silicon valley has teamed up with boutique bike-maker Franco Bicles to provide the world's first 3d-printed, continuous carbon fiber frame for EbikesFranco's new product line.Franco will be sold under the Emery brand.On April 11 solstice 14, the company will showcase the EmeryON EeBike at the sea otter classic bike event in monterey, California.

ArevoDNA is reported to be unique in additive manufacturing (AM), as its proprietary software algorithms increase design creativity to create free-moving robots with true 3D structures and optimize anisotropic composites.

In addition, a single bike frame made with Arevo technology is setting a new standard for high-performance bikes.The Arevo framework is a one-piece framework, rather than a composite framework composed of many components.Arevo's intelligent continuous carbon fiber laying realizes the integrity and stability of the structure that has never been achieved before.

The Arevo DNAAM process reduces the design and final manufacturing time of the bicycle frame from 18 months to just a few days, which greatly reduces the development cost of the product.

These frameworks are now in production in Arevo's new multifunctional device.Emery One's achievement made several breakthroughs for bicycle manufacturers and also had an impact on other industries.These breakthroughs include: new materials are stronger, more durable and recyclable than thermosetting materials;Replacing laborious manual processes with fully automated production;The commitment of local manufacturing and service has been realized, making bicycle brands have greater independence.Providing bicycle manufacturers with greater freedom of design, creating the possibility of customizing bicycles on demand.

Hector Rodriguez, co-founder of Emery Bikes, said, "we chose Arevo technology because its iterative and flexible design represents a new era of composite manufacturing, and we want to be the company driving and leading the bicycle revolution.Arevo's continuous carbon fiber technology helps meet the ride quality and performance requirements we set for Emery ONE."

"This is * a composite additive made bicycle frame that represents an important milestone for the AM industry.Arevo is making good on its promise to mass-produce composite parts on demand.With the introduction of Emery ONE, the transformation of the global composite bicycle industry has begun.""Said Hemant Bheda, Arevo's co-founder and chairman.

Bill Stephens, an industrial designer at Studio West, worked with Arevo and Franco teams to design the EmeryONE bike frame."Arevo DNA provides a new paradigm for product designers that will forever change the way we design and build everything," Stephens said.This technology helps us redefine the boundaries of design.Arevo is moving to a 'make for design' model."