Good prospects! Medical plastic enterprises ushered in the outbreak period

- Jul 09, 2019-

Historically, the development of science and technology has brought changes and progress to various industries and fields. The medical field has made a great leap in modern times and prompted a series of related industries to develop.

Medical devices occupy an important position in the medical-related industry. In recent years, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions have witnessed the upgrading and development of medical devices, and gradually improved the treatment experience of patients in clinical aspects.

At the same time, higher medical level also put forward stricter requirements for the production of medical devices.

With the rapid aging of the population and the pursuit of painless treatment, and influenced by external policies and other factors, the research and development of medical devices are facing new challenges.

With the expansion of the global medical consumables market, plastics have been widely used in the medical field, and plastic devices have gradually replaced some traditional medical devices.

In terms of materials, compared with metal or glass used in traditional medical devices, plastic has good chemical inertia and biological safety. Besides, it is cheap, easy to form and relatively tough, suitable for disposable use and safe for health.

At present, the concept of environmental protection has been deeply in all walks of life, the research and production of medical materials is no exception, biocompatible degradable materials are becoming a new industry hotspot.

High performance, for example, special engineering plastics PEEK (poly (ether ether ketone) has good biocompatibility, biological stability and X-ray transparency, but also has excellent mechanical, physical, chemical, electrical, thermal performance, such as medical implants can be used in the human body three-dimensional plastic parts of material manufacturing, in the human spine, orthopedic and sports medicine, cardiovascular aspects of existing cases.

But with biodegradable medical equipment, cardiovascular stents has its place, compared with the traditional scaffold, biodegradable stents in the body after a period of use into WuHaiWu, reduce subsequent health problems, is of great help to improve the quality of life in patients with heart, at present, the advanced biodegradable plastic stent has approved by the FDA review.

China's medical device market will exceed 600 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 16.8 percent, according to the China medical industry information center.

At the beginning of this year, baidu, tencent and huawei entered the medical device market, which is expected to further promote the development of the industry.

At the 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition held in May this year, many exhibitors also brought new achievements in the fields related to medical plastics. From the research and development of new materials to the injection and extrusion molding of precision instruments, the development of medical plastics is flourishing.

From this we can see, plastic in the medical field really has a very big potential.

Medical devices are capital and technology intensive industries, which have been monopolized by developed countries such as Europe and America for a long time.

Especially in recent years, rural health reform and the construction of hospital, the implementation of community health service center and other major medical measures reflects the Chinese government's emphasis on health care, and support for medical devices industry technology innovation are also gradually increased, which provides the development of medical field in China with a good growth environment.

Medical plastic is an important component of medical polymer materials, especially in the field of disposable polymer medical devices in China.

At present, there are still few enterprises with strong strength in medical plastics production in China. Although PVC and PP are basically made in China, medical plastics like PE, PC and ABS are still dependent on imports, and the innovation weakness will still be a factor restricting the development of medical plastics industry in China in the future.

Conclusion: according to the * report released by GrandViewResearch, the global medical plastics market is expected to reach 336 billion dollars by 2025.

The medical field has been developing rapidly in recent years, and plastic has played an important role in medical device manufacturing and medical material innovation.

At present, Chinese biomedical materials are mainly used as medical devices in clinical applications, and have become an important basis for the entire medical device industry.

At present, compared with foreign enterprises, China is still relatively weak in the aspects of medical plastics standardization, research and development, production, etc., but depending on the influence of national encouragement policies and good industrial development trend, China's medical plastics industry is expected to usher in a golden period of development in the near future.