Goods less expensive plastic market part of the resources reported high

- Nov 14, 2019-

Yesterday, the domestic plastics market continued to differentiate trend: polyolefin in petrochemical price and futures down under pressure, the overall atmosphere has cooled.

Holding goods supplier shipping willingness increased unabated, the price continues to fall below 100 yuan/ton.

But the downstream take the goods carefully, the whole transaction within days is weak.

PVC the main marketing area speculation intention is still strong, reluctant to sell and increase prices are obvious, some businesses have closed not reported.

The downstream product enterprise receives the order moderately, although the performance is just needs, but because is out of stock causes the market inquiry to increase, the transaction atmosphere is good.

Overnight oil price rebound, the night disc plastic related varieties of futures around the community sorting (plastic and PP contracts are still weak,PVC main contract closed slightly higher), for the market is not strong positive guidance.

Fundamentals under the leadership, the polyolefin market today is expected to operate mainly weak,PVC still maintain volatility has risen.

Yesterday the domestic PE market price fell slightly 100 yuan/ton.

Petrochemical, some enterprises cut the factory price 50-200 yuan/ton, field supply cost support strength has weakened.

Linear futures open high volatility fell, to some extent depressed business confidence.

Merchants cautious attitude, more follow the market offer shipment.

Downstream factories to purchase more low-cost sources of goods, resistance to high prices is obvious.

Spot market has a certain low transaction, high transaction difficulty is still larger.

Overall transaction atmosphere is weak, solid offer negotiation.

Take shenhua auction as an example,PE turnover rate in 38.37%, (compared with the previous trading day increased 21.66%).

At present, the mainstream market price of LLDPE in China is 7150-7700 yuan/ton;

LDPE mainstream market price in 7900-8900 yuan/ton;

HDPE film mainstream market price in 8000-8200 yuan/ton.

It is expected that today's domestic PE market price shock sorting, some high-priced goods continue to fall 50-100 yuan/ton.

The mainstream market price of LLDPE in China is 7100-7600 yuan/ton.

LDPE mainstream market price in 7800-8900 yuan/ton.

HDPE film mainstream city price in 7950-8200 yuan/ton.

Bullish factors: the rebound in international oil prices, to a certain extent ease the industry nervousness;

Maoming petrochemical, fushun petrochemical and other equipment in the overhaul, part of the supply of goods has been reduced, to a certain extent to relieve the supply pressure;

Part of the industry into the market procurement of low-cost goods, high transaction difficulty.

Bad factor: night futures open low concussion down, down the confidence of the industry;

Petrochemical part of the factory price, on-site supply cost has weakened;

Downstream resistance to high - priced goods is not reduced, high - priced transactions difficult;

The strength of environmental protection supervision is not reduced, and the production of terminal enterprises is blocked.

Other factors: pay attention to the change of ex-factory price of plastics futures and petrochemicals.

Yesterday the domestic PP market shock trend, drawing prices up and down 20-50 yuan/ton or so;

Copolymerization price most stable, individual small rise or fall 50 yuan/ton or so.

In terms of price, the mainstream price of domestic wiredrawing is 8350-8550 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of low-melting copolymerization is 850-9350 yuan/ton.

Futures high open concussion down, reduce positions closed in line, to some extent suppress the enthusiasm of the industry into the market.

At the same time, the ex-factory price of petrochemical was reduced by 50-100 yuan/ton, which weakened the support of supply cost.

Traders follow shipment mainly, downstream factory procurement enthusiasm is not high, maintain on-demand procurement, market trading atmosphere is flat.

It is expected that the domestic PP market shock has dropped today, the price fell in the range of 50 yuan/ton or so.

Bullish factors: overnight oil prices both rebound, spot market supply is not loose part of the market price to form a certain support.

Bad factor: futures night low open shock, suppress business confidence.

Petrochemical factory price part of the reduction, cost end support weakened;

Juzhengyuan, lanzhou petrochemical and other devices have been driven, late increase in supply of goods;

Terminal downstream procurement enthusiasm is general, more just need to cover the main position, the market is difficult to volume.

Other factors: pay attention to petrochemical ex-factory price, PP futures trend and downstream replenishment.

Yesterday, V2001 futures high open high, push up to the line above.

Dish surface fund continues to add storehouse, but a little difference, the shrinkage increases storehouse to close positive line.

Some prices of PVC enterprises have been raised, with an increase of 20-70 yuan/ton. Some enterprises are in a continuous increase. In addition, the phenomenon of picking up goods in the factory is still obvious.

Spot market price pushed up, and some areas of supply is tight, traders to pre-sell, after the arrival of the goods sold out.

The main area speculation intention is still strong, reluctant to sell and price increase are obvious, some businesses have closed not reported.

The downstream product enterprise receives the order moderately, although the performance is just needs, but because is out of stock causes the market inquiry to increase, the transaction atmosphere is good.

Calcium carbide method of type 5, northwest factory supply quote at 6280-6350 yuan/ton;

Shandong area factory to withdraw 6650-6700 yuan/ton cash;

The price of model 5 powder in east China is 6680-6770 yuan/ton;

South China area 5 material mainstream in 6880-6950 yuan/ton, low price goods few, short time.

PVC market price of ethylene law is stable, no adjustment phenomenon temporarily.

Domestic PVC market price is expected to rise slightly today.

Bullish factors: PVC futures continued to rise, closing price above the year line, participants are still bullish enthusiasm for the short term;

The social inventory in east China and south China is in the channel of decline, some main sales areas are scarce supply of goods, the pre-sale amount of merchants is more;

Some PVC enterprises increased the ex-factory price, and the current pre-sale is still a lot, some still plan to increase the price;

The downstream product enterprise receives the order moderately, but the spot market shortage causes the inquiry quantity to increase, the market atmosphere is good.

Negative factors: PVC prices fell slightly in the outer plate, and China cancelled the anti-dumping duties on imports of PVC from the United States and Japan, which is negative for the market in the long term.

After November, the downstream demand will gradually weaken, the market is not good for the late demand expectations;

Maintenance of PVC enterprises gradually reduce, late supply side will gradually restore, the market business view of the second half of the month cautious, more light warehouse trading