Great Wall automobile actively layout internationalization calmly to cope with global competition

- Jan 09, 2020-

Thanks to the general trend of globalization, many industries in China have ushered in a better development pattern. The automobile industry is also one of the beneficiaries of globalization. Under the guidance of the giants of the automobile industry, the automobile industry has realized the process from "bringing in" to "going out".Today, when the globalization pattern is more obvious, the pattern of China's automobile industry is also developing healthily. Major automobile enterprises are gradually rushing toward the direction of internationalization, gradually improving the competitiveness of China's automobile enterprises in the international market.As the leader of the automobile industry, Great Wall has always been in the forefront of internationalization. By accelerating its international layout, Great Wall has improved its competitiveness and influence in the global automobile market, and gradually led the Chinese automobile industry to take the road of "going global".For Great Wall motor, 2019 will be the year when its globalization strategy is fully launched. Through continuous efforts and improvement of global layout in 2019, Great Wall motor has achieved fruitful results in the field of internationalization.Since June 2019, Great Wall motor has completed and put into operation two vehicle production bases and started construction of three vehicle production bases in the following six months, accelerating the improvement of its global industrial layout.At present, the development of the domestic car market is not very optimistic, auto market presents the negative growth trend, while the performance of the Great Wall in the second half of this year for the market to hand over a good answer, not only the globalization strategy layout is perfected, its development speed is gradually accelerated, at home and abroad to the development of the market shows Great Wall amazing speed.Review the layout of the Great Wall since the second half of this year, is the development of the Great Wall in the globalisation of determination, Great Wall motor starting June Russia tula plant officially put into production, since opened the Great Wall and the new development of Chinese auto industry globalization era, become the Great Wall in a milestone in the development of globalization;In September this year, the fifth and first full-process vehicle production base of Great Wall motors in the world -- chongqing yongchuan wisdom factory -- was officially completed and put into operation, further improving the global layout of Great Wall motors.In October this year, Great Wall automobile production, research and development in one pinghu vehicle project started construction;In November, the taizhou vehicle production project of Great Wall motor and the beam vehicle joint venture project of Great Wall motor and BMW group were also launched successively, which means that the industrial layout of Great Wall motor at home and abroad is becoming increasingly perfect, becoming an organic whole, and promoting Great Wall motor to achieve high-quality development better and faster.Great Wall so far have formed three vehicle production area in north China, east China, south China, the production area to form the "golden triangle" of radiation national production layout, to universal coverage in the domestic market, for the development of the Great Wall in the domestic market to create more favorable conditions, at the same time, it will be for the globalization of the Great Wall automobile form strong support, to speed up its worldwide on horseback are always.In addition to the Great Wall in the country of active layout, Great Wall motors worldwide also established a perfect production layout, relying on the Russian figure they car factory, via links, Tunisia, Ecuador, Malaysia KD plant such as the common supporting the development of the Great Wall in the overseas market, jointly formed the Great Wall "9 + 5" global production layout, for the better development of Great Wall in the global scope laid a foundation.For China's auto industry, globalization is the general trend and the only way to go. Great Wall motor will continue to expand and deepen its business within the scope of globalization and firmly lead China's auto industry to shine more brightly on the international stage