Gree electric appliances report oaks air conditioning false publicity: infringement of consumer rights

- Jun 11, 2019-

This afternoon (June 10), gree electric appliances released a report on the production and sale of substandard air conditioning products by oakes on its official weibo account. The letter pointed out that oakes's air conditioning energy efficiency ratio and cooling power consumption were unqualified, and it was suspected of selling shoddy products.


Photo credit: gree electric appliances

The contents of the report are as follows:


Photo credit: gree electric appliances

According to the report, the specific models involved include kfr-25gw /NFW+3, kfr-35gw /NFI19+3, kfr-25gw /HFY+3, kfr-35gw /NFW+3, kfr-25gw /NFI19+3, kf-26gw /NFA1+3, and kfr-35gw /ZC+2.

Orcs in 2018, according to data obtained result is very proud, dealer market in electricity sales and sales are in *, become air conditioning market online sales champion, exceeded KongDiaoJie bosses midea, gree, including air conditioning is still a major source of income, oakes * 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in the first three quarters of the air conditioning business income oakes group co., LTD. Total revenue accounted for 70.56%, 65.45%, 70.16% and 82.24%, oakes group also disclosed the air-conditioning business subsequent to preparations for the listing.

It is understood that the surging sales may be related to the low price strategy.

But it seems to have brought many problems to oakes, due to the low price product strategy, the scale expansion, as well as the company's "oakes" brand small appliances category foreign leasing the right to use a variety of reasons, such as orcs in recent years, including air conditioning, induction cooker, electric kettle, broken wall machine, luxury rice cooker and so on product quality and after-sales service problems, frequently encountering complaints, it is understood that in 2010 and 2016, 502 electric kettle sampling information discovery, oakes in 11 times in selectiving examination, unqualified six times!

Today, oakes has had several legal battles with gree over patents, many of which ended in defeat.

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Since it was founded in 1994, after 20 years of professional refrigeration process, has now grown to the leadership of the air conditioning industry of China brand, China top 500 enterprises, with oakes, international industrial park, oakes nanchang industrial park, tianjin wu qing industrial park three big industry base, produce more than 10 million sets of air conditioning, sales of more than 10 billion, staff 10000 people.