Gree resets 7 billion trading limit

- Apr 17, 2019-

All eyes, the suspension of a week gree electric finally resume!

It is understood that the resumption of more than 1.3 million gree electric single hand trading limit.

The stock traded at 51.93 yuan per share.

Its market value exceeds 300 billion yuan.

The amount of sealed orders is nearly 7 billion yuan.


After the opening quotation, gree electric appliances threw another explosive news. Gree electric appliances issued an announcement saying that according to relevant regulations, gree group planned to transfer 15% of the total capital stock of gree electric appliances held by gree group to the transferee through open solicitation.

Upon completion of this transfer, the controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the company may be changed.

News out, speculation, who will be the big brother of gree electric appliances?

Alibaba and foxconn are among the most vocal.

So far, the above - mentioned enterprises or statement denied, or do not comment.

But * what concerns the public is whether the management, which is dominated by dong mingzhu, and its unanimous action, renhe beihai guarantee investment co., LTD., will step in?

For more than 40 billion yuan of equity transfer fees, also do test the financial strength of the receiver.

According to an industry * analyst one possibility is: 15% of the shares, split 5%+5%+5%, that is, to gree electric appliances management as the representative of the establishment of employee incentive fund takeover 5%, gree electric appliances dealers (river Beijing sea) takeover 5%, foxconn takeover 5%.

Foxconn technology group, which recently invested heavily in zhuhai, could be a potential buyer.

In the past two years, foxconn and zhuhai have forged an indissoluble bond.

It is understood that by the end of 2018, foxconn and the zhuhai government will form a joint venture to invest about 60 billion yuan in a chip plant.

Until the beginning of April this year, in zhuhai construction land supply plan, foxconn factory location surfaced, basically confirmed the fact of the semiconductor plant.

However, some people think that the current development of foxconn is unlikely, and foxconn's own development prospects are not optimistic, last year in the order production fell significantly, performance basically stable.

A - share listed after the development is not smooth, facing strategic adjustment.

Transition from agent factory to intelligent manufacturing.

I don't think I will have much energy to complete the acquisition of gree shares.

And gree doesn't seem to lack manufacturing capacity.

Some industry insiders believe that foxconn's investment in gree electric appliances will not bring great value to gree, and ali will be a better choice.

But alibaba has ruled out buying a 5% stake in gree.

Dong mingzhu and jinghai guarantor, who represent gree's dealer system, may be the major shareholder of gree electric appliances in the future.

But dong mingzhu individual wants to obtain control through financing, difficulty appears not small.

After all, more than 40 billion is not a small number, dong mingzhu with dealers can take, or a problem.

If combined with other consortiums to buy, dong mingzhu team may have to make some concessions in terms of interests.

The other is to let the consortium partially intervene in gree's management, or even interfere in gree's operation as she * does not want to see.

According to dong mingzhu's personality, the former is relatively likely.

Compared with previous cases of equity transfer through open solicitation, potential buyers have generally appeared before the public solicitation.

However, from the perspective of gree group's equity selling action, although it is not clear who is the potential buyer so far, the probability that this potential buyer is not dong mingzhu is still high.

In the past, dong has repeatedly expressed confidence in gree's production capacity in public.

It hasn't been made public yet, but gree shares are a hot investment, and many investors and consortia are eager to have a try.

So in addition to dong mingzhu took over, there are obviously other possibilities.

In addition, gree group may take part of the capital to increase capital for these enterprises, and may set up industrial fund to invest in potential industries, eliminate some backward production capacity and optimize internal structure.