Gree started its 5 billion yuan ice washing project. How to be a plastic material supplier for leading enterprises?

- Mar 25, 2019-

According to reports, a total investment of about 5 billion yuan of gree washing machine, crystal, refrigerator production base project opening ceremony was held in the city of luoyang in henan province high-tech zone, the project is mainly used for gree yihong refrigerator and washing machine, dryer, crystal product of form a complete set of production, project completed and put into operation after comprehensively, more than 10 billion yuan, annual output value is expected to provide about 3000 jobs, in more than 400 million yuan worth of tax.

In the field of home appliances, the four major home appliances have a large demand for plastic raw materials, especially for refrigerator and washing machine products, each of which accounts for up to 30%-40% or even more.

The start of gree and jinghong "ice washing" project will undoubtedly drive the demand for plastic raw materials in the home appliance market.

However, as a leading manufacturer in China, gree has strict requirements on the quality, technical content and technological level of parts and components supplied by suppliers.

The commencement ceremony of gree washing machine and jinghong refrigerator production base project

On the one hand, the quality level of supply should be the same or higher than that of existing suppliers.

In household appliances, ABS, PVC, PC, POM, MPPO, PET and other engineering plastics are commonly used. Gree will comprehensively evaluate and screen the raw materials of manufacturers through a review team (including personnel from supply department, technology department and quality department) to ensure that suppliers of 1 and * supply gree appliances.

ABS, for example, reviews are from impact, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, surface gloss, hardness, bending strength and so on concerns the quality of the product level, at the same time also need to have good heat resistance, hot, most of the electrical appliances product work high-end home appliances products the long-term thermal stability of the plastic is more demanding.

Aerial view of gree washing machine and jinghong refrigerator production base

On the other hand, the technical content and technical level of the products are the same or higher than the existing level.

With the stable and healthy development of national economy, China's demand for high-tech products can be said to be increasing day by day, among which the application of modified plastics in the field of home appliances and automobiles accounts for more than 50%. The future development direction of modified plastics for home appliances is mainly free of spraying, antibacterial and flame retardant.

In the case of flame retardant, the state does not mandate the use of flame retardant materials in the plastic shell of home appliances, only in the printed circuit board and other components involving green certification, will increase the fire resistance by adding flame retardant.

But most home appliance enterprises, especially leading enterprises, will take the initiative to use flame retardant shell.

Therefore, the competition of plastic profile suppliers will depend more on whether the core technology of itself is 1.

In addition, the level of production technology is also an important consideration for the selection of high-end home appliance materials.

Products with fashionable appearance, novel shape and gorgeous color are more easily accepted by the public.

The use of high-quality materials can not only decorate the appearance of products, but also increase the easy cleaning, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew functions, through special treatment can make household appliances products have better light aging resistance and scratch resistance, and let the products present a stronger sense of texture and texture.

At present the common free spraying material on the market is mainly in order to achieve the pearl light or dazzle color appearance effect of the material surface, and the product manufacturers more hope to get the free spraying material that has the effect of imitation metal, the first-line home appliance enterprises have begun to use metal color, pearl light color, gradient free spraying plastic instead of high cost, high pollution spraying process.

Only suppliers who can meet the requirements of this process can meet the requirements of performance improvement and environmental protection of gree and other high-end household appliances.

Of course, gree's selection requirements for material suppliers go far beyond the above three points, including assessment of price advantage, supply region, grade and other aspects.

It can be seen that it is not easy to become the supplier of leading enterprises. If plastic parts processing and production enterprises located in the upstream of the household appliance industry chain want to seize the high-end market, they should not only ensure the quality and stability of supply, but also pay attention to energy saving and emission reduction, and realize automation to save labor and production time and reduce production cost.

Only to the high-end market supply standards, in order to make enterprises more competitive in the market.