Haiti is building a plastic bank to encourage people to exchange plastic bottles for money

- Sep 21, 2019-

According to reports, a plastic bank has been created in Haiti to deal with environmental pollution. The bank has set up 30 plastic collection points. People can collect the plastic and weigh it in return for payment.


The owner of the plastic bank, Richardson gustav, says the biggest problem in Haiti right now is reducing poverty because people don't understand how to properly dispose of trash.

Richardson gustav, who was born in Haiti and educated in the United States, said he never understood the importance of recycling until he returned to Haiti. He wanted to make it clear that you can't just throw rubbish on the ground. He wanted everyone to take responsibility for protecting the environment.


The plastic bank has a total of 30 plastic recycling sites in Haiti, each with more than 75 collectors, and one collection site can collect at least 8,600 kilograms of plastic bottles every month.Richardson gustav says they will hire people who need help and pay them what they deserve while trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.He said that although his own power is limited, as long as one bottle is found in the garbage, one less bottle will flow into the ocean. The earth is our home, and everyone should do what he can.