High-performance carbon fiber body armor!Provides a higher level of knife protection

- Dec 21, 2019-

Using a carbon-fibre reinforced composite material called Auxilam, PPSS has developed a new protective breastplate that can protect the wearer from the most ferocious weapons imaginable.6. JPGCombining the high strength of carbon fibre, the stretchability of Auxilam composites (the ability to expand vertically when stretched and/or contract vertically when squeezed) and the special structural properties, the new generation of protective breastplates strikes the perfect balance between weight, protection, defensiveness and durability.PPSS said the new product was 19 per cent thinner (using a carbon fibre composite 3.9mm thick) and 6.6 per cent lighter in surface density and weight than its acclaimed polycarbonate stable-proof vest.Of course, the product still has to pass KR2/SP2, NIJ 2 and VPAM K2/D2 certification, according to the home office's standard for body armor, which means it will be able to provide a higher level of stabbing protection.Government departments and security companies will be able to choose from a variety of styles, including concealed, exposed and fully exposed breastplates.Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS group, said: "law enforcement, border, customs and immigration officers are exposed to knives and hypodermal syringes every day, and this product was developed to protect them more effectively.With state-of-the-art technology and extensive research and development, our latest breastplate products offer unprecedented protection to the wearer.The product will also provide additional vpam-certified blunt instrument protection, effectively reducing the risk of blunt instrument trauma such as internal bleeding."Over the past decade, the UK company has supplied security agencies around the world with its acclaimed polycarbonate stable-proof vest products.