History of * whole plastic brand melt index comparison table

- May 30, 2019-

What is the melt index?

Melt index, also known as melt flow index, or melt flow index, is a number that represents the flow of plastic materials during processing.

It was developed by the American society of measurement standards (ASTM) based on the method used by DuPont to determine the characteristics of plastics:

Let the plastic particles melt into a plastic fluid in a certain time (10 minutes), at a certain temperature and pressure (different material standards), and then flow through a 2.1mm diameter tube of grams (g).

The higher the value, the better the processing liquidity of the plastic material, and vice versa.

* ASTM D 1238 is commonly used as the standard, and the instrument used for this test is Melt Indexer.

Unit: g/10min.

Common plastic brand melt index, let's learn.